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Excellent Game [contains no spoilers] Edit
by GOHAWK12 Combined Rating: 5.0
The hype about this game is not overblown like a couple other reviewers have tried to suggest. First of all, it has some of the best graphics you will get on PS3. If you want better, get a PS4 of...
Pros Cons
  • Enthralling story, awesome soundtracks and sound effects, excellent graphics, excellent online multiplayer
  • Very long load time.. needs time to load all of the awesomeness.

The hype about this game is not overblown like a couple other reviewers have tried to suggest. First of all, it has some of the best graphics you will get on PS3. If you want better, get a PS4 of XboxOne. The music and sound is great. Between the sound, the attention to detail in the environment, and the very well written story, this game sucks you in. It would be the perfect game for those with a nice surround sound system (listening is very important for survival!). As for all the other aspects of this game, everything is very good; gameplay, intelligently placed auto restart points, customization of your character, a thriving online multiplayer, a newly released DLC, super dedicated developers and a very good studio in NaughtyDog. This game also has a lot of replay value, especially if  you start on a low difficulty level. Like I said, the ONLY time I've had an issue with this game is during the long load time.. which is totally worth it. Very rarely I see a graphical glitch. Not sure how they could improve this game except to continue the story. Which they are.. Get it!

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favreorite 03-14-2014, 03:02 AM

It's everything the OP said it is.

I just want to add that if you're experienced at third-person shooters and get through them fairly well, let me give some advice to any who have yet to play TLOU; Play it on "Hard" I started the game on normal, at ~35% done and it wasn't easy but, trust me, Hard is the way to go (Easy, Normal, and Hard are your three options until you beat the game on "Hard", then you unlock "Survivor mode"). I had fun playing on Normal, but found I had fully stocked gear and some items I couldn't craft because I was maxed out on the materials to make more. I was getting better and better as I kept playing, which happens with most gamers. Plus I was getting too cocky, thinking I was Rambo or something, lol

I think for this game with the intuitive control layout, that Hard mode will keep most players extra tense and nervous especially during some areas. which frighten you more than Normal because your supplies, while slightly cut down like some games...Ah forget it, don't want to spoil anything. I'll say Naughty Dog simply did things a bit different than other games with higher difficulties. You will probably love this game even though you will die a lot! At least I did. I didn't always have a complete strategy for getting through difficult areas and the game. The game gives some good advice when reloading after a death. Speaking of long loading, that is only when you turn the game on from the PS3's XMB. It's about 5 minutes plus another the 5-10 when you install the manual and the latest patch.

You have to think some things through carefully before acting. If you do buy the game and get through it on Hard, you'll get the easy and normal trophies along with the hard trophy.
And then there's Survivor. They also have a god DLC for the game called "Left Behind". I haven't played it, bit it got like an 88 on Metacritic..

If you get the game and want some tips w/o spoilers, I'd love to help. It's fun just talking to others who play TLOU..Hope you experience it, I highly doubt it will come to PC,since ND is owned by Sony, but maybe Valve Steam Machines could be a bit more likely but they will be competitors too. Android devices have a better shot and PlayStation Now service might have it.

Sean Spamilton 03-13-2014, 11:16 PM

I WISH they would port it over to PC!

Espnetboy3 03-12-2014, 02:13 PM

Playing through it now after my brother claimed it was the best game he played. It is nothing short of INCREDIBLE!

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