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Highs and Lows Edit
by sutton8 Combined Rating: 3.0
The Oppo 103d is the enthusiasts choice of player but at nearly $1000 in the uk it should be better than it is. Some notable highs are the great customer support, inclusion of darbee which is fun,...
Pros Cons
  • Darbee, Netflix now super steady, clock counts down, good customer support
  • Poor streamer, some lip sync problems
The Oppo 103d is the enthusiasts choice of player but at nearly $1000 in the uk it should be better than it is. Some notable highs are the great customer support, inclusion of darbee which is fun, stable new Netflix app and input for other equipment like a TiVo box. Not so good is that it buffers steams far cheaper equipment handle easily, no movie art whereas my cheap wdtv does for the same material, some minor lip sync issues.

It's a nicely built machine with much to commend it but not really to love.
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whodunnit 05-28-2014, 06:24 PM

I don't own the 103D, but do own the 83se. As all Oppo Blu Ray players, I suspect the upscaling is excellent. There is no doubt that the picture/audio quality gap between the Oppos and other players, due to improvements in the mainstream units, has decreased in recent years. What the Oppo does have is excellent build quality and customer support. With the money I have invested in my system, the last thing I want is the ubiquitous cheesy plastic P.O.S. fascia and build quality of mainstream players in my cabinet. If you have SACD's, (I do) the Oppo is a steal. Open up your Oppo, take a look at it's construction. Open up any of the other Best Buy/Fry's/Circuit City Big box units, and you will see what you are paying for...Lexicon took the original 83...nor even the se, put a new face plate on it and box around it, with virtually no hardware changes, and charged thousands for it. Ethics aside, if it was good enough for them, its damned sure good enough for me.

sutton8 05-24-2014, 11:30 AM

I accept the point about DVD performance which is why I only mentioned bluray in my last post. But there are many good up scaling players. My last pioneer 450 was every bit is as good as the Oppo as was my previous panasonic. So nothing exceptional there.

I bought it because it was a value route to darbee but was under no illusions that I would be getting anything that other players cannot do, some considerably cheaper.

sealmaniac 05-24-2014, 12:45 AM

"The idea that it offers superior PQ is frankly laughable."

Well actually the BDP-93 version that I have DOES indeed give me a better picture for the approximately 800 or so DVD's that I own.
It sounds to me that you would have been better served with any of the basic Blu Ray players out there. However many people need a player for DVD playback as well as Blu Ray and that is where the Oppo's shine.

sutton8 05-23-2014, 02:26 PM

Superior to what? Ignoring darbee, which is nice to have but non essential, the Oppo like all bluray players is fundamentally about producing an image. Frankly the image it produces is no better or worse than my $100 panasonic player in the bedroom.

So it comes down to features such as build, SACD support, dual hdmi and the darbee toy etc... Whether all that is worth the extra $500 is up to the individual but anyone who thinks they are going to have a significantly better bluray performance is mistaken. The idea that it offers superior PQ is frankly laughable. Either that or the CIA have done something to give you super sensitive eyes for your missions.

quad4.0 05-23-2014, 02:08 PM

I must disagree. The Oppo with the Darbee, is a true deal. Not only a universal player, but superior PQ. The darbee alone is a bit costly, but incorporated in the Oppo, it's only $100.00 more! The Oppo may have it's cons, but overall the features it comes with make it a superior machine.

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