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All in one beauty Edit
by yllennodmij Combined Rating: 4.0
Let me start out by saying that I do not own this tv. I am a home theater salesman, and when the store is slow i like to watch the display of this tv in my store. If this offends you, click...
Pros Cons
  • 4k, Triluminos, sound
  • reflection, sound, lack of features

Let me start out by saying that I do not own this tv. I am a home theater salesman, and when the store is slow i like to watch the display of this tv in my store. If this offends you, click away.


Pros: 4k. At 55 and 65 inch, the 4k makes a noticeable difference to me. Tiny details are crystal clear, movie scenes look life-like, nature scenes are breathtaking. 5/5

Triluminos. The only way i can describe triluminos is by this analogy. Speakers, once amplified, play rich, clear, colorful sound. If you can imagine a pixel "amplified", this is it. Reds, blues, oranges, pinks, all stand out in their rich glory and breathe life into the picture. 5/5

Sound. Youll notice i put sound as a pro and a con. Ill get to that. The tv has two mids and a tweet on each side, giving front-firing, average sound. It gives the tv a good look as well, with the placement being aesthetic and eye-grabbing, even when off. Its a damn good looking tv. For $500 more than the similar sony 4k with standard audio, I'd say it is a bargain for anyone with money to spend on a great tv watching experience. I believe its currently clocking in at $2699. 3/5


Cons: reflection. "but its an led, theres not as much reflection!" well because of the way the speakers are mounted, sony decided to put a clear plastic finish over the entire front of the tv. it reflects as much as glass. Not a huge deal to anyone with a dedicated room, or at night, but in the store it sometimes distracts the customers. Viewing in light gets a 4/5

Sound. Heres the thing. In my honest opinion, if you are putting up near $3000 for a tv with a picture comparable to a theater, you better pair it with audio comparable to a theater. I mean 5.1. Another thing, sony makes the most kick-ass soundbar the HTCT770, which, for $449, includes bluetooth, 3 hdmi in, a wireless subwoofer, and kick-ass sound. in my opinion you should save the $50 and get the soundbar and the x850 (sony 4k with standard speakers). In comparison to a soundbar or 5.1, the speakers are a nuisance. And in the future if you decide to add a 5.1, you will now have 6 useless, inactive speakers that do nothing but add ~8" to your overall tv width. 3/5

Lack of features. When someone is going to spend ~$3000, they want to know their options. So of course they want to see the Samsung 4k. With + or - 400,000 apps, it pisses on Sony's dozen or so built in smart features. I believe the new models, however, are able to stream playstation 1, 2, and 3 games thru wifi and playstation plus. With no console. Still waiting to see how sony does with that but until then, Features get a 2/5.


Overall I'd give this TV a 4/5. It has a beautiful picture, which is the primary thing any tv should have. Sound is great for those not interested in additional equipment. The reflection and lack of features are a small con point, and every little bit counts in today's market. Considering how far down this tv is from it's original launch price, I'd say BUY!

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aussawin 06-10-2014, 09:26 PM

Good picture but not user friendly remote and very difficult internet browsing due to hard to type anything Would I buy in future probably not

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