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Samsung's flagship Edit
by yllennodmij Combined Rating: 4.3
Let me begin the review by saying I do not own this TV. I am a home theater salesman, and this tv is on display at my store. If this offends you, click away.


Pros: Clarity. In my store, this tv...
Pros Cons
  • Clarity, Camera, Bezel, Thickness, Clear Motion, Smart Features, Quad-core Processing, Wireless soundbar/keyboard connectivity
  • Clear Motion, brightness, Voice commands, sound

Let me begin the review by saying I do not own this TV. I am a home theater salesman, and this tv is on display at my store. If this offends you, click away.


Pros: Clarity. In my store, this tv is mounted right next to a sony 4k. Despite its 6 million pixel deficit, the F8000 is not out-shined. It is one of the brightest tv's in the store, without diluting the picture or losing contrast. It's contrast is so spot on, that it has no trouble keeping up with the 4k next to it. Keep in mind both play a 1080i demo loop.

Camera: Adds an element of fun and surprise to the product. Hand detection, skype, LED "mirror", PIP capabilities.... Definitely gives a new meaning to "smart TV". Easy to navigate apps and web browser with no remote.

Bezel: The chrome trim to this tv is about 1/8" with another 1/8" black trim inside of that. This tv is sleek, modern looking, and eye-grabbing.

Thickness: I believe the tv is no more than 2 inches thick at any given spot. This gives it an almost flush mounting look, as well as an elegant appeal in a room with high end decor. It is also relatively light weight.

Clear motion: fast paced scenes are a breeze to this tv, and clarity is preserved despite a panning camera scene. It is a huge advance for LEDs and noticeably different from 120Hz.

Smart features: It's samsung. What can't it do? Skype, internet, yoga apps, HBO go, All-share with samsung devices, you name it, this tv can most likely do it to some degree.

Quad-core processing: Self explanatory. Its quick to load applications and webpages.

Wireless soundbar: pair it with a samsung soundbar with soundshare and eliminate wires to your soundbar. Pretty cool feature if you ask me. Samsung's hwf750 and hwf850 are pretty bad-ass soundbars too.

Wireless keyboard: bluetooth keyboard for $100? Done. Email, twitter, youtube, now 100 times easier to use.  


Cons: Clear motion: Yes, a pro and a con. Some customers do not like the added processing of the picture. 90% of the time the clear motion is beneficial to the picture. 10% of the time it makes the picture look pixelized, compressed, unnatural. However it is a feature that can be turned on or off in a matter of seconds. Not a deal breaker by the slightest.

brightness: to the point of saturation. Again... adjustable. But grass just isnt neon green. If you are a display-phile who is too lazy to calibrate this tv (or any Samsung in my opinion) you will be disappointed. Looks great in a bright store.

Voice commands: I find myself yelling or repeating commands to get compliance from the tv. A neat feature, but sometimes more work than just getting the remote...

Sound. What did you expect? The tv is <2inches thick. Stop being cheap and buy some audio!!!


Overall 4.5/5. I know I reviewed this TV remarkably well. But considering Samsung's girthy wallet, their flagship should appeal more to display-philes in my opinion. The Ultimate micro dimming gives good black levels, but its nothing heroic for an LED. Considering the high bar I have set for Samsung, I give this tv a 4.5 out of 5. BUY!

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aussawin 06-10-2014, 08:57 PM

This TV is like being at the movie theater without the sticky floors! You can not go wrong with Samsung.

Deliberate1 05-31-2014, 02:04 PM

This tv has been in my home for two weeks. It is quite extraordinary and a joy to watch. Skin tones are spot on as is the image contrast and saturation. I did make the image adjustments suggested on line and the balance is perfect. There is a motion adjustment that can make some scenes looking unusual. That requires more fine-tuning. The "smart" function opens up a whole world of content that our 15 year old Toshiba projector tv could not even imagine. I bought on Ebay, new from a reputable dealer. On-line prices may be a couple hundred less, but not worth the hassle of dealing with the unscrupulous sellers who hit you up for $200 in "insurance" charges. 

bluemagic53 05-29-2014, 07:23 PM

Hmm... I really wanted to have this!

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