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with all due respect to difiancecp for his objective take on it, i am yet to see the lag that is being talked about. I play FPS games likes Uncharted 3, COD-BO, Ressistance 3, KZ3 and other games like GOW3, Avatar 3d, super stardust, motorstorm and never once felt the lag in any shape or form

the only time i felt lag was when playing the Infamous 2 demo long back where Col's movement was jerky and the aiming was a bit of wobble as i tried to compensate for what you might call lag

so yesterday i got the famous 1 ft HDMI cable and i felt it was faster than my 50ft cable. I tried the Infanous 2 again and i saw absolutely no lag and the game was smooth. I am not sure I am just experiencing a placebo effect though

I dont have a HTPC so I am not sure how to do an objective test. I do have a Dual HDMI Samsung 670 bluray player and if anyone can suggest a good way to measure lag let me know and i will try.
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