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Thanks All. Poll now closed.
Hi... Well I do not see anything weird in the thread itself. I will run this up the flag poll and see if someone may care to look deeper into it. Thanks
This ia hell of a deal guys.
Pondering...If you can point me to a thread that it does that with, I will take a look at the thread. My only guess is that maybe posts where deleted in the thread, thus changing the count/location of the remaining posts. I asked for a thread that you see it happen to so I can look at the thread for deleted posts and see if maybe my thought might be correct. Thanks
Do you mean these?There in their for Chrome and Safari for me.Are you running anything that could be blocking them or something by chance? We have not had any other reports that I am aware.
Ok, that was funny. I would have signed it for you. On the last auction on the Home Theater Cruise I had a t-shirt with the original AVSForum logo on it. When we tried to action it for charity it did not go anywhere. I then signed it and it sold for $80.00. I guess what I am saying is thanks for valuing what I have done.Still have it. It is the 3D version...the current selling version with an MSRP of $9,500! We are moving our soon.
Hey Guys... Just a note if anyone you know is looking for an Anthem D2V 3D...I have my personal unit for sale for only$5,500.00 plus shipping. Yes, only $5,500.00 Like new and yes, is the 3D version. We are moving into our motor home and thus can not use this now. My loss, is someone GREAT gain. PM me. Ready to ship.
Well, we will be in NJ actually as the RV Park, cough - parking lot, that is right across the river. 10 min ferry over. That really is the closest we could get. If I wanted to come into the city with the coach, I think I would hire a professional driver for NYC. I have been driving a 43 foot coach from 2008 and feel I do well, just do not care to deal with NYC.I would have loved to park it outside the hotel of the show or the letting gathering we are trying to plan.....
Ok, those were funny.
One of the many items I will end up missing is my bet. But yes, that is one hard thing to give up based on the quality I built into it along with the support of the industry.
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