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Thanks for mentioning this....I wondered if test patterns showed any difference. However, I can say much the same as was reported earlier. When I got the '57 up and running the last thing on my mind was motion. But it jumped right out at me (along with the awesome contrast obviously). I don't know if motion is somewhat machine dependent but I thought my x55 was slightly inferior to my RS55 as far as motion. The '57 motion seems noticeably improved over my x55 though.
Not sure that's fair.I have one between my Lumagen and '57 and it's caused no issues to date.
I'm not disagreeing with the sentiment but not all these HDMI issues are related to a select few JVC projectors. It takes two to tango (so to speak) and every setup is different. Getting back a a machine with a 'defective" HDMI (or one with a history of HDMI issues) may not provide JVC with any insight unless they can replicate the same exact setup.As you say troubleshooting is not easy if they cannot replicate the issue but sending them a "bad" JVC may not make it any...
The RS57 is an incredible projector but unfortunately it is flawed with some firmware issues. I do hope JVC is working on fixes for these issues and not content to let them ride. JVC has a history of not fixing current model year problems and letting them linger until they release their new models (ie, RS20 gamma issue, RS50 light output issue, RS50 CMS issue, etc). And one could argue that from JVC's viewpoint these HDMI problems may not be worth fixing because next year...
FWIW, I tried the star chart yesterday on my '57 and I saw no change with any of the sliders. Engaging and disengaging eShift was noticeable but the sliders didn't have any effect.As an aside, this is the 1st projector where the star chart looked black and white.....previous models (Rs50, RS55, x55) all showed some mild color variations especially in the central area of the star chart.
I have no experience with the x500 but the difference between my RS4810 and the RS57 was not subtle. But I run with the iris between -7 (RS57) and -11 (RS4810). If you need to run with the Iris open I don't think the static CR difference is huge (CR on the RS57 improves faster than it does on the RS48 as the iris is closed because of the dual iris mechanism on the RS57 (the RS48/49 have a single iris).
+1 (KOW) (although there are long handshaking times).
I do not know. I'm not even sure if they worked before the 1st bug fix (I got my '57 after that).
I was told that the sliders were broken with the 1st HDMI bug fix release. Again I have no first hand knowledge of this but it certainly seems plausible. Whatever the case I'm sure a fix will be forthcoming.
Okay thanks. Not sure where I got the idea they were okay with the x500 but thanks for the clarification!
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