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Deadwood - still my favorite TV show of all time. Although, Breaking Bad has settled comfortably in the #2 spot.
Are you suggesting Arya is *not* a main character? At this point in the show, you could argue Brienne is a main character as well.
I'm pretty sure that's how Spencer won the first match.
I personally think S3 was an uptick compared to S2, but at least for S4 they have a pretty clean slate to work with.
Again, you can already tell from the previews that some aspects from both books 4 & 5 will be in *this* season. Next season will for sure be a mix of books 4 & 5. If they are firm on a 7 season series, I wouldn't be surprised if they cover some of book 6 next season so they can have as much time as possible to cover book 7.
And cover parts of book 4 & 5. Season 5 should, at a minimum, complete books 4 & 5. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets fleshed out with some upcoming book 6 material though - better to spend more time on what is (hopefully) the more exciting material in the last two books.
You wondered who would play the detectives next season - the answer is nobody, because they won't *be* in the next season.
You don't understand - next season will be a completely different story. Not related at all.
Holy hell that Brains tribe is useless. Not a single redeeming quality amongst them. May their tribe decrease
I think he is supposed to be Autistic/Aspergers? Either that or just atrocious acting. Could explain the idiocy but I rolled my eyes as well...I'm pretty sure the guy that got choked out at the bed was just unconscious - the guy in the bathroom is the one we heard at the end.
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