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here my first.
Thanks for the reply, The motherboard is the Asus P8Z68 with intel i7 3.4. what do you think about the geforce GT 440? nvidia? thxs.
What would be the best video card for HTPC? I am not a gamer so BD/video playback is the most important. thxs.
Just picked it up one of those player a couple of days ago, but everytime a start the player i comes the Netflix/pendora logos. is the anyway to get ready of this logos? thanks
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I Know that part of Brooklyn NY don't buy anything from them their busyness tactics are terrible . PLEASE if you want a good deal call Graig on TheaterTec he has great deals.
Think again, I replaced my vp50 to pro. my projector VPL VW200 which accept 1080p 24fs. I also using the Onkyo 805. my BD and HDDVD both on 1080p 24fs the vp50pro info. display input 1080p 24fs but the output 1080p60, the option is greyout for output 1080p 24fs. I have contact DVDO from phone and email is like to try to get a answer from Ebay (ghost Co.) good luck.
Sorry if has discussed before, and if has it guide to the link please. Both a my players are set to 24fs oing through my onkyo 805 pass t. my PJ is VW200 whuch accepet 24pf but on the info in the VP50pro says input 1080p 24 and the output 1080p 60. the menu for 1080p 24fs is greyout. what Am I doing wrong here, any input would be most apreciated. thanks
I am glad it found a good home let us know how it behaves and don't hit it with a stick if doesn't
Let it out, some times it is good for your health and will prevent you for going insaneMeanwhile I will enjoy my Vw200 until something better under 15K comes around, just don't hold your breath.
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