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Try joining here: http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/index.php There's more activity on that site (not a shameless plug, it's true), and there's more than one Aussie with more than one projector there. You're right, there's very few CRT owners comparatively speaking on a worldwide basis, but someone there might be willing to give one of their old sets away.
Guaranteed it's not the tube, at least that's my guess. I guess with the age though it could be, but I'd be more suspicious of something in the video or G2 circuit. Problem is, everything including the tubes is now discontinued for this set, so unless you find a donor 5020, you won't find any parts out there for it. I know the units well, I worked on dozens in the late 80s, but haven't seen one for 20+ years now.
So am I coming from the farthest away?
Why not work with a local installation company and have them demo one for you? or... see if you can rent one for a day, then have the rental applied to the purchase price?
FWIW, if anyone is interested, I still repair the Qualia 004 power supply. Have repaired about 20 of them now with zero issues, so keep me in mind if your 004 ever goes intermittent or dead. No need to send me the whole Qualia either, I just need one board out of it.
Without knowing much, you may be trying to do a commercial type theater on a home theater budget. Not usually a good idea from all the installations I've seen.
It's not even worth responding to DJ Dee. That's why I got out of the nightclub/DJing industry.
Wow, it's either one extreme or the other, isn't it? As one of the last guys on the face of the planet that makes his living working on CRTs, and has for the last 15 years, I think both extremes are wrong. For the average person, using a CRT is indeed long dead. I always compare it to the person that drives a 1965 Mustang. The average person won't want to drive a carbureted car, they want something to jump into, turn the key, and go. That's what digital is today. Thing...
Press 'ctrl' and 'display' at the same time. I'll bet the unit is in 'executive' mode. If not, I may take the system boards out of the units..
Easy. Throw it on Craigslist for free. It will be gone within a couple of days.
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