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Gorgeous!!! I'll always love that car. My dad had the same example in red when I was a kid. I loved it, and it made me a 911 fan forever. He hated it and sold it shortly after purchase!
Definitely. The roads in Austria are amazing as well. Was able to drive through Germany, Austria and Switzerland on Euro delivery. Just had to share! (The roads here in MN suck as well. Particularly right now! Just getting my car back on the road, and my entire concentration is spent avoiding potholes!!)
Hi Eric, Is there any way to view and select a disc's chapter listing without actually going through the tedious process of just 'playing disc'? Thanks for your time and input. Kevin
On a similar topic, I recently switched from Coke Zero to Pepsi One. (Just recently read about high levels of carcinogen, though, and will be switching back, now) But seriously. My wife and I always remark that we would really enjoy drinking wine (or even coffee for that matter), but just have never acquired the taste.
Thank you. Correct. I misspoke.
I hadn't even noticed the new Grand Cinema line announced earlier this year. Very interested in the Lumis Uno E, now w/ triple flash 3D. List price of 26k.
Thanks for sharing, Ash. Looks amazing!!
Good information. Thank you.
Ash, I love it! Is the data at the bottom of the poster the portion that you had customized? What file size was required to end up with a detailed looking poster? Very cool! Kevin
So from your experience there is little to any picture quality improvement of the Lumis over the C3x1080, and the primary benefit is 3D (which was not even available when the Lumis was released)? This goes contrary to nearly everything I've read.
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