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Got it. I didn't realize that page still existed. Was referring to: http://www.displaydevelopment.com
Confused?!?!? I just went to their website and it looks amazing now! The HD series now goes from HD10-70. The HD 10-30 list 3D as a possible upgrade. I'm curious which of these corresponds with the HD5.
Curious why you'd say that after also seeing the Highlite 330 HC? Additionally, it looks like the 12d has 2100 uncalibrated lumens vs 3000 for the Highlite.
Jeff, 911S GT Silver. Black leather interior w/ pebble grey deviated stitching. Manual. PASM sport, Sport Chrono, Sport exhaust, several other goodies. Just can't wait! Thanks, Nyal. I am certainly not the professional that I will count on to set this up!! Do you travel? Might be looking you up in several months!! Kevin
Thanks for the reply, Jeff. I'm not ready to purchase just yet, as I haven't made any final decisions. I may be in a few months, if they're still available. Need to start building up funds again. Much depleted from my pending Porsche Euro Delivery Trip (Next week!!!) Can I ask what you're upgrading to? I'm trying to keep an open mind about all the equipment, at this point. Thanks. Kevin
I have a home remodeling / addition project starting in a couple of months, including a new theater space. I am trying to set up my equipment budget, and I'm left with a couple of questions. With my setup, I"m planning to have a side surround speaker associated with each of the 2 rows of seating. The 2 left (and 2 right) surround speakers will receive the same signal, but with a separate amp channel. This leaves me with 7 speakers and 2 subs. I was planning to use the...
Thanks for the info. Much appreciated! I think I'm going with a 4' depth for the projection/equipment room, to allow room for maneuvering and rear of equipment access. I also plan for this room to be outside the sound envelope.I'm planning on staggered wall construction with double drywall and green glue as my main soundproofing method.BTW, LOVE the avatar!Kevin
Wow. Really?
Yes, planning on soundproofing to some degree.
No good drawings to post yet. Will post when I put something better together. Room length of 26'. (20' from rear wall to front false wall if 4' projection room and 2' false walls pace) Width is still up in the air. They have 18' currently in the plans. I was thinking about going a BIT narrower. I'm planning on going with 2 rows, with the back of the rear row of seats several feet from the rear wall. I would plan to use the rear row as my prime seating position, as...
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