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Aguuuuuugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your eyes adapt to brigth pictures including setting the perceptual black levels you actually see. It is beyound me why you think you need to lower the absolute black level when your eye is adaptively lowering it to a level which will probably produce the the highest quality. You don't see absolute black level because your eye is adjusting levels. It is your eye adjusting after millions of years of evolution vs you putting in some cheap...
You want a screen that reflects ambient light away from your viewing positon and reflects the light from the picture back to where you are sitting to view the picture. In general a lot of people use the Da-Lite high power screen which does exactly this control of the light when the projector is behind you and just a foor or two above your head.
The trains in SF run fairly empty at non-rush hour times. Of course the losers that want lots of trains for billions of dollars are totally unaware that most of the time there are only a few people on very heavy trains wasting monumental amounts of energy for the people that want to live in the past. A large percent of people drive in San Francisco. Transit is not fuel efficient because it has to run all day even when hardly anybody is using it. There are claims that...
Would do no good because voters in California also tend to be very stupid. They constantly overwhelming vote for trains, transit that they know they will never use. The result is we spends billions and billions on things in California that almost nobody ever wants to use. There is almost no moronic law that can't be passed in California.
I am getting a very high quality front project picture with two LED white flood lights in the ceiling. The flood lights are shining on the wood floor with only a small area illuminated. The LED flood lights from COSTCO have a fairly narrow beam and do not put much light directly on the screen. These are the flood lights that put out the equivalent of a 45 watt flood light but the LED light arrays in each flood light only burn 3.5 watts each. The result is that I...
Absolute nonsense. My HP screen at rougly the same distance (a little further back) with a bright IN82 projector. I have no problems with the brightness level and love the quality and color of the picture I see. My eyes are normal and like those of most people. You are one of many that seems to think with absolutely no proof given that there is some absolute brightness level which is optimum. Give us a reference for the optimum brightness level you seem to think...
You get a bright IN83 and then use a gray screen to reduce the brightness. The contrast ratio remains the same because a screen is linear and does nothing to change anything at different brightness levels. Makes no sense. Your eyes are non-linear, but if you have lowered the light level so much to be in the non-linear region of the eye, you are probably screwing up the quality of the resulting picture you perceive anyway.
Can't think of anything I want or need new in my AV system but I am waiting for my new over $2800 tricycle (like a car where you have to buy lots of options to meet your needs). http://www.terratrike.com/zoomerelite.php Probably a lot better for my health than sitting in front of a bunch of AV equipment
A long as you don't want to upgrade to next improvement of the technology such as 3D.
You always put the largest screen possible into a viewing area.
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