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Wolfgang- I knew that's what you were doing from prior discussions. I don't have that option with 60i which is why I addressed the question to Joe. Unfortunately, I don't think is process is quite like mine. So far for home video use what I do is acceptable but still looking to get some improvement for handheld 24P shooting. I shot my Carlsbad Caverns tour with 24P for all the cave video which also was dark. However, I wanted my opening chapter to be the drive into...
So, you rarely or never mix the two camera formats? What I was trying to determine is if I switch to 60i for my motion handheld scenes, ie run and gun. then back to 1080 24p for tripod stuff, how it will fare when I edit a mix of the two shots in a project rendered to 1080 24P. A typical large project for me will be shot with: 1080 60i on the TD10 1080 24p or 1080 60i on the Z10k 1080 24p or 1080 60p on the NEX 5n twin rig using very wide angle and wide IA. I also do...
Joe- In your opinion, is it better to shoot, edit, and render with 24p if working hand held, or to switch your Z10K to 1080 60i then edit with that setting and only render to 24P for the BluRay? This choice has to do with occasional clips that have some faster hand held pans than you would normally do with sticks and a good fluid head.
BLWTX- I noticed that on Thor as well but if you bring up the PS3 menu while playing, you can switch it to 5.1. It then remembered that setting the next time I watched it even in 2D. Thor 2 is the first and only title I have rented from PS stores.
This is similar to what I used:http://www.amazon.com/WindCutter-Microphone-Windscreen-Camcorder-Panasonic/dp/B0066DOPPG
I never played with creating the cross eye method because it is not easy to force your vision that unnatural way and it causes too much eye strain for most people. It's in that category of something that works but not ever going to be a real method to view stereoscopic 3D programming.
Joe- The mfg's are making similar mistakes with 4K roll out. The biggest separator of 4K problem is it is useless for smaller screens. Only has a place on screens that are bigger than the average TV being purchased. The delivery of content is not a simple channel selection or rental disk or store purchase, it is a project, you download to a mini server, and when done you can play it. Gravity 3D was a leap ahead in technical achievement of new techniques in...
The Z10k 5.1 mic suffers quite a bit with wind chatter. I resolved that problem with a wind suppressor fur. You can buy these and they just stick on the mic with double stick tape. I leave mine on all the time and the wind chatter is gone.
Another thing 3BR will do for you. If you find a 3D movie release on disk that they do not have, let them know and they will order it in for you and you get to rent it for regular price before they list it for others. I did that last summer with one title which saved me money to watch it as opposed to a purchased disk.
Re 3BR- Been a fan for a long time. With exception of the past month's releases, I have rented every one of theirs. I don't have the subscription so my per copy price is higher. I think I average about $6.50. Sometimes I've ordered 4-5 at a time.
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