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I havent heard of the Sony 90 having any bulb problems. Of course its like throwing dice, the second roll of the dice isnt influenced by what happened in the first throw of the dice. I guess what I am trying to say is that there are many instances where Model A had no lamp problems and next year Model B does or Model A does have a problem and Model B doesnt. In any case, the 90 didnt have an issue as far as I knowNoise level. Dont knowBlack Levels, the Sony had really...
There is no projector that fits all and you have given great reasons sfor you personally going with the Panny. You can have the worlds greatest projector, but if you are afraid that the machine will fall down, you may have to go with another one. The 480hz panels dont hurt either. You have to wonder at what point does the hz of the panels become more of a marketing tool. I remember years ago with the old direct tvs that they would advertise that this TV had more lines...
Which is ironic because imagine that most people havent see either or at best seen only one of them. Each projector has its pros can cons so I am not sure what they are fighting about. It should be interesting what happens when the Sony comes into the mix or this that one level above the Panny and the RS 45
Personally I think the Studiotek 130 will work better if you have the right room, but the Firehawk is a good screen and is more flexible to the environment of your room. While gray screens slighly mute your colors, if will still well with just about any projector
I remember the forum wars between the digital guys and the CRT guys. That seems to have ended a long time ago
Not saying you are wrong about the bulb price but I find it hard to believe that the price of the lamp would 25% of the MSRP of the projector
I dont think we are as close to LED or laser as some people think. LED doesnt seem to moving very fast at this point and i would imagine that laser will be very pricey in the beginning. By the time laser and LED become common place, this Sony will probably been sold and replaced
120 inch electric tensioned will be hard to find. Maybe Elite and some other brands. Non tension electric will be easier to find and you can go with a Dalite screen
I have no real ideal but I think at least 65% of people who buy projectors buy them sight unseen. Unfortunately, the retail stores only show the high end projectors so its really hard to see the Espons, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and JVC. I would suppose you can see the Sony in the Sony Stores, but i dont think there are that many of them. I past one in NY when i was there but i didnt get a chance to walk in
Acoustic material always affect the movie both visually and in audio. You lose brightness with a AT screen as light goes through the holes which of course means you have less light on screen. Some screens create a moire affect that is created because of the holes on screen and how they relate to the pixels that appear on screen. AS for the audio, some screens are better at it than others. I dont have an opinion on the material you have chosen but bad or great, the audio...
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