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Z-mad, just wanted to chime in on the pc mode settings..They were ok on my set but the game mode settings are most definitely the sweet spot, at least on my set. Didn't notice any SOE with pc mode,just not as nice as game mode to me. Once again man, thanks for all you do to help us achieve awesome pictures on these sets. Also just wanted to clue a few in..Target is doing their annual clearance on tv's now.Could be some good deals on Sharps. Their are reports of the 70"...
Z-mad, your settings from post 1332(right above) really look good on my set. For me it seems colors are richer and black level is better. Image is darker which i prefer..Is this what you noticed on your own set?
Actually turning 44 this year and I agree with you as well..No doubt an awesome setup,but I'm sure this could probably fill a true commercial theater with an engaging experience. Like you,my hearing is just way too valuable too me for me too appreciate a setup like this. And as large as that screen is, just looks way too out of place for the setup. But don't get me wrong, very impressive.And yes, would love to get about maybe a 5 minute demo.
When I built my house back in 2005, the prices they were quoting me were more than that. And being in construction for 20 yrs I can tell you that builders rip people off big time. As someone said, with walls open these runs could be completed by a couple guys in a day probably.That being said, I got lucky. When my satellite guy came out he fished all four walls(rooms) in our house for no extra charge. Couldn't believe he didn't need anything extra to do it. After I saw him...
Gotcha..So glad for me personally that after being a tweaker with my earlier htpc's I now have learned to just enjoy what I have. Picture to me looks as good as anything I have seen pretty much. Never had a complaint. So as you said when you factor in eye candy, yeah I'm willing to settle a little. Obviously not for everyone, but works for me. XBMC is awesome!
Not sure why more people don't use laptops for their media playback duties. Got my I3 last year for $240ish and it plays everything I throw at it thru the awesome XBMC interface.Just a thought. Even a NUC in this price range I assume would beat just about any media player out there.
Not surprised..The only box I've heard that runs android based XBMC decently is Ouya. Now I haven't seen it in person but from what I hear most people claim it is quite good. If I was going to go the android route,then this is the device I would try.
I'll 3rd comments. Haven't used my Pi in about 5-6 months for reasons mentioned.
I use it on a windows 8.1 and a windows 7 machine.The basic confluence skin was okay, but what sold me me on it was when I moved to a custom version of it.
Use it on Windows based machine, and skin I use is Confluence modified. It's a custom skin based off confluence.Tried most but it was just my favorite.
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