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Being LAZY, I would use a long (say 100 Foot cable, if necessary), instead of draging the reciever.
I keep a 300 foot Ethernet cable around for special events, like moving into a new place, or to prove that the house wiring is not the problem to the cable company. I also keep a 300 foot RJ11 silver satin cable around for debugging. I have run the Ethernet cable down 3 stories dropped down the staircase. The 300 ft Ethernet cable has been lent out to many of my friends for their special events too. I made the cable from a spool that I had left over, you might have to...
IF you are unsure of your network connedtion, break down and either run a cable over the floor for an hour, or use the USB option.
Did not see the settings tab, but now I do! Thanks.
I installed OyRemote on 64 Bit windows 7, I edited the XML file to point to my reciever, it (from what i remember) defaults to or something like it. You also need to let the firewall pass the traffic. Now if I could get OyRemote to control TWO 809's I would be a real happy camper.
Thank you for your thoughts, I was trying to get both 809's to the same level, trying the net update first (a few times), then USB.Initially I could see the 2nd units' webservice page, but not the 1st (both are assigned IP addresses via DHCP, MAC registration). I will be controlling both units thru my home automation system. I think I will wait till football season is over, and then send the unit in (I might wait until August, as there is a chance that I will attend a...
I liked the TX-NR809 so much that I purchased a second unit for another room. Having set up both 809's there were some differences. The first unit was purchased in July, and the second was purchased in November. I wanted to update the Firmware in the first unit this morning, and it presented an error code 5-64, Called ONKYO and the tech support folks walked thru various resets, and finally transferred me to another group to let me know how to SEND the unit to Huntington...
Can you use a UPS to keep power to the amp while driving it to the service center? (Power to the amp, but the amp not powered up)
I thought the issues were: 1- When running only HDMI thru a non SHARP receiver, message "An Incompatible Audio Signal Has Been Received, etc., etc.". Workaround is to leave the volume turned down to off on the TV. 2- Red Shift? 3- Popping sound ? 4- From an Amazon reviewer - pipe all the HDMI components into the TV (as Sharp seems to think this is the best way), then pipe the sound output to my AV receiver via a fiber optic digital (can't output HDMI from the TV)....
I've ordered my LC-65E77UM, should be here early next week. Since I just upgraded the firmware on my 46" Sharp LCD's, I decided to look, and yes there is an upgraded Firmware for the new tv. Has anyone tried the upgraded firmware to see if it solves some of the 'issues'?
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