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how do you find the professional settings?
Seems like their quality and style are equal to the Samsung's, Sony's & LG's.........at least to me Just looking at the Q+ series......they look outstanding. I don't know about all of the facts, but the picture quality seems very sharp with vibrant colors that pop
anyone that has the 48" set............does it have the clicking sound when turned off? want to purchase this set............but not knowing it has problems.
Is there a way to delete all channels & program guide information from Media Center? I had a new pc built with windows 7 32 bit, which I thought was 64 bit. In this set up I believe that when I was going thru the original set up process, I scanned for the channels 1st & then added the guide information. Regardless, all of the local channels appeared. Then I had windows 7 64 bit installed. This time, I downloaded the guide information & then scanned for the channels. ...
Once the wtv file is converted to M2TS......can it then be burned to a blu ray or AVCHD dvd to play in stand alone players, or does something else need to be done
I am trying to create what I thought would be a simple process......but the more that I read, the more confused I become I am recording ota HD programing on my pc via Windows Media Center. The recorded files are in wtv format. My goal is fairly simple (or so I thought)........I want to be able to create a blu ray dvd that will play in my stand alone Panasonice BD55 player. I have also learned that I could also create a HD AVCHD dvd that would also play in this unit. I...
that is my goal.........to add on later
thanks for the quick replies...........really just getting started with the htpc idea At present, my pc is in the room that I use as an office, and away from our main tv, + I do not have wi fi. I probably don't even have the internet speed needed for hulu, netflix, etc. This may be something that I move to in the future.
this is the new pc that I will be putting together in hopes of watching/recording ota hi def programming...... Windows 7 Home Premium Windows Media Center Intel Core i5 3570k MSI 277A-G41 LGA 1155 motherboard NVIDIA GeForce 660 TI 2gb video card Kingston 8 gb DDR3-1600mhz ram 1TB SATA hard drive 7200 rpm Hauppauge 2250 dual tv tuner card Pioneer bdr2209 blu ray burner I will be connecting a ViewSonic VG2236wm 1080p LED monitor via dvi. Will this setup allow me to watch...
had no idea this would be that complicated........... just wanted to record some basketball games in hd on my computer & create a blu ray disc that my parents could watch when they missed a particular game:eek:
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