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Tiger Direct is selling these for 649.99 with free shipping new in box.
Some of the most beautiful DIY speakers I have ever seen.
PSB and Paradigm are cousins... Allot of the same characteristics but I do think the PSB are more refined. I would for sure look into Salk, Philharmonic, KEF and NHT are all good recommendations. I own the Phil 2's and I have not regretted it at all.
Ding Ding DIng...try them...return them..love them..keep them...
I have not A/B compared them but I have heard both the Von Schweikerts and Legacy Audio AND listened to the entire Venere line for multiple hours:Legacy Audio had a more detailed smother sound from top to bottom...more balanced. Sound stage was just as good as the Venere IF you were in the sweet spot but for Legacy that is a very small spot.Legacy Audio -- Sonus Faber Venere 1.5 >>> Slight nod to the Legacy...Von Schweikerts I didn't like at all and missing a sound...
Mine works fine..no problems. Use the Net functions daily on a 65VT50.
Neah..they had a technical glitch..they are back now.
Few things I would like to counter here...1. What is a bush telegraph?2. I don't think there was any discrediting going on...just people throwing some doubt on the results of one review from a freelance writer that never writes a bad review... Before people rely on a review and go out and buy the speakers...just be aware that a glowing review is not a glowing review when ALL reviews are glowing from one reviewer..Not to say the speakers do not deserve the glowing...
You dont sound too far off track... Have you listened to these? Do you like the speakers? I normally recommend Arx in that price range... I heard them... Superior sound for that price. I also recommend Klipsch allot if you like the way they sound.... Reason is they are extremely popular so you can pick up a set 50% or more off list as b stock or used.
There is a thread best subwoofer for "X" price. Although what you listed are some good choices...in that price range I would go for an HSU or PSA....
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