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Received Email from Shawn on Friday, that he was late delivering the package to Airborne. It was suppose to go out on Monday, but have not heard from him since Friday. Albert [This message has been edited by Alberts (edited 10-10-2001).]
As an early buyer of this unit, I should haved jumped up and down more often, but hopefully I should have my lens shipped out on friday...Let's see.. Albert
I heard from Shawn today and mine should go out on Friday!! Albert
Alan, What are you planning to do with the list of names? If any of the respondents are on your list could you please tell us so. Thanks... Albert [This message has been edited by Alberts (edited 09-30-2001).]
Quote: Originally posted by Thumper: It is interesting that Rob's list of panamorph buyers reveals that some who ordered on July 18th have already received their units and other who ordered several weeks earlier are still waiting. It would seem they are not shipping in any particular order...maybe a case of poor order management? I Noted in Shawn's response to the retail sales question he didn't say WHICH pre-buy Cellar Cinemas was in on. It's impossible to...
Alan, A sequentially order list of names will be quite helpful to those who were part of the prebuy. Shawn can just list the number he has last shipped would be more informative. I'm supposively part of that 2% in the first prebuy. Thanks.. Albert
Quote: Originally posted by William Mapstone: Hi all Are these bulbs for our digital projectors difficult to manufacture, and or have a high material cost? --William 10HT SD6200 8'Wide 1.3 William, Do a search on "DILA bulbs" in under this topic...you'll find your answer there... with much debate on pricing and construction. Albert
Quote: Originally posted by Dave Beatty: Hi I need 2 bulbs. One for both a G-15 and G-11. Where can I buy? Thanks for your help! Dave Send email to Alan Gouger of AVscience. He will be happy to help. Albert
CCLAY, I think MVS was offering the bulb for $725 about a year ago. There really is enough margin on these bulbs and I heard it through JVC, Alan, Dennis... I wish there was an alternative, but it doesn't look too good. Albert
Quote: Originally posted by Srgtfury: Any decrease inbulb pricing. Anyone hear anything on other suppliers/options? My particular interest is the G15. Thank you very much Fury Haven't heard a thing on this issue for sometime. I don't think the price drop will ever occur, unless Disney goes out of business. My money is on Disney... BTW: There have been many post in recent past which talked about alternative bulbs or retrofits(not as easy as it...
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