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More Amazon drops - Blow $9.99; Presumed Innocent/Frantic set - $9.49; IMAX: Under the Sea - $13.49
The Universe: Season One at Amazon for $8.75 (ships 1-3 weeks): http://www.amazon.com/Universe-Compl...dp/B001AQT8BA/
Not sure you are in such a bad spot. I have 24 mbps service and cannot see spending $300 on a PS3 to stream mediocre quality movies. I mean, what's the point if I can rent the BD and see it in full resolution? I don't need instant gratification that badly.
Not sure if barely above 480p is HDTV or EDTV, but regardless what you call it, that's not the quality I would want from streaming HD. I would expect something approaching BD quality with 5.1 audio if I am going to use this to watch movies with a real HT setup (not just plugged into a TV with standard speakers). Maybe Fox was right and most people either can't tell the difference or don't care....after all, they still get away with "Fox Widescreen!" I don't doubt that...
HD "surpasses" DVD quality? Is that the benchmark that we are shooting for with streaming HD? Shouldn't we want HD, not just DVD quality from streaming? I am loathe to get a streaming device because I am very concerned with the PQ on a 73" screen and comments like this don't encourage me. Plus, no 5.1 audio from Netflix except on PS3 makes me wonder what the point of streaming is for a HT setup?
James Bond (11-Movie Collection) - $147 at amazon. Not great, but if you need it for a gift... http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003GAN4QI/
Up in the Air - 12.49 at amazon
Breaking Bad Season 1 - $14 at Amazon
Both versions of Bambi are now 24.99.
Michael Jackson: This Is It [Blu-ray] (2009) $14.99 at Amazon
New Posts  All Forums: