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Nov. 4 is here and I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread dedicated to the tales of woe, shock, and dismay (and perhaps happiness) we are bound to hear about the VOOM installs. Mine is scheduled for Thursday, 11/6. I'll be sure to add mine. :D
Did it come back? WPLG froze for a minute, but came back. Thought it was just my receiver.
Quote: Originally posted by alpha21 CBS- signed a contract that would allow D* to show HD nomatter if it was also available via you local OTA Fox- has not, so if it is available via local OTA, you must watch via OTA Sounds great, except that my CBS OTA looks ten times better than D*'s feed. :rolleyes: However, my local Fox is on VHF, very hard to get, and isn't doing widescreen yet, so I would much rather have Fox (luckily, sometimes I can pull in...
I am scheduled for Thursday - I'll call Wed. to confirm. Please keep us current with updates on the installs so we can be aware of any pitfalls to avoid with the "professional" installers. :D
Quote: Originally posted by dmunsil If you have a multitester, you can check continuity and see whether you have a short to the ground or a bad connection. If you don't have a multitester, I suggest heading to Radio Shack and getting a basic one. I'm sure they have something analog for $10 or so. As others have noted, in general the Canare system is pretty foolproof. I've made a lot of cables and had only one bad end. You may want to tighten your crimper....
Yikes - UHF seems much easier to receive than VHF (at least here in South Florida). The two channels we have on VHF are nearly impossible to get (and one of them is ABC - MNF is a real pain). I hope all the channels don't go back to VHF frequencies.
Quote: Originally posted by GreyGhost00 The CBS HD game is always visible but the Fox Widescreen games *ARE* blacked out according to market. Do we know why that difference exists? Doesn't seem to make much sense.
I am trying to make my own component cables using Belden 1694a and Canare RCAP-C53 connectors and I am obviously not doing something right since some cables don't work. I set the TS-1000 stripper to the proper specs for the cable (leaving the braiding and foil over the dielectric in tact when it strips). Once I strip the cable, I fold the brading back over the cable, slide the crimp ferrule on, put the pin on the end, crimp it, make sure it's tight, slide the connector...
I have heard it is 61.5, but I am not positive I am remembering that correctly.
Diagnosis: Murder and Touched by and Angel, of course. Doesn't everybody want to see Della Reese and Dick van Dyke in HD?
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