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Darius, I understand your point. The sequence you provide just seems a tad more complex than Tivo-2 and not something one would try within a short time at an in-store display. I think it's great that you found it - don't get me wrong, I just find it amusing. That's all. :)
Quote: Originally posted by K4LK I discovered the hidden "System Configuration" menu that contains manual tuning, AV testing, etc. From the System Settings menu, select #8 "Installation Settings", then enter 988. To get to the System Settings menu, hit the big VOOM button, then the green button, then select it from the "Options & Settings" menu. Humor me - how did you "discover" this? It isn't exactly a pattern that one would randomly try! :confused:
I called to ask about a self-install and the rep said no - it must be "professionally installed." Where did you see that on the site? FWIW, I am running a coax from the dish location to the area behind my HDTV before the installer comes so all he has to do is mount the dish (maybe he'll let me do it while he watches so he doesn't screw up my house). Do we know which bird VOOM is on so I can determine the best mounting location?
I took the plunge!! I have installation setup for Sat, 10/25 in the AM. I'll keep everyone posted on progress. I have D* with a Zenith Sat520 currently. We'll see what happens. :rolleyes: 30 day money back guarantee - what the heck!
MyHD is working fine on my system, except that when I go to HD mode with a HD picture, I get wavy lines on the screen (like dark waves that roll throughout the picture). I have a Dell Dimension XPS w/HT feeding a Mitsu WS73411 via VGA breakout cable. Any suggestions? Thanks. :D
Any updates on this machine? I am deciding between this and the 40K. Thanks.
COmpUSA now has 200GB drives for $129 after rebate. Search for item #298845. A pretty good deal. :D
I am planning on making my own cables using Snap & Seal RCA connectors (e.g., SNS1P6RM) and Belden 7915A (http://bwccat.belden.com/ecat/pdf/7915a.pdf). Canare connectors seem to be the defacto standard, as does Belden 1694a, but I am wonderiing if they are the end-all-be-all of connectors/cable, or will other combos work well also? My runs will be no longer than 25 feet. Thanks.
Thanks Matt, After I posted that, I realized it wouldn't work the old fashioned way (I tried it). :D I then did exactly what you suggested and there's joy in Mudville once again.
I have a similar setup, except I only need OTA at one TV. In that case, is this appropriate? (attic) OTA antenna -> CM7777 (close to antenna) -> multiswitch input -> (behind TV) diplexer with DSS -> power injector -> HD STB
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