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Does anyone have any experience with the Polk Audio Surroundbar or the Definitive Mythos XL speaker? I took a look at the Mirage, but it doesn't go the length of the television.
I am going to install a 50" plasma in the corner of our pool house and we wanted something to boost the sound in the room. I am looking at some of the speaker "bar" options that include either the front three speakers or the effect of all five front speakers. The mount is an articulating mount that will be mounted on one of the walls and then articulate to be placed in the corner of the wall. I am also going to use the Sanus center speaker attachment that goes with...
I set up the HR20 to go native for whatever the feed coming in is, only problem is that it takes a bit for the signal to sync for the TV when switching between shows with recorded resolutions. I haven't done any critical viewing as of yet with it.
Ok, as I have been told, 1080i conversion to 1080p with a good TV should be better than 720p or 1080i converted to 768p. Second, the problem I have is when the house was remodeled, I ran a single HDMI up through the walls and down to the TV which is hanging on the fireplace across the room from the equipment. Everything cleanly comes through the walls into the system. Running 3 or 4 more HDMI cables through a finished wall now would be darn near impossible for a...
I just got a Elite 110FD and have it wall mounted across the room from the rest of my components. I configured the tv with D-Nice's settings and am using those settings now. I am not impressed at all with the picture on my new TV. Only on Blu-ray and HD-DVD do I see impressive results with the picture. I also wonder if my settings are off for the tv on the Directv HD boxes or is the problem with the dumbed down HD signal on Directv's system. The picture looks blurry...
The WAF was my deciding factor on why i cant do the mac mini route... This could self contain everything into one sexy case!
Hey guys, I just found this amazing site with these custom looking cases, and I wondered if anyone thought of taking a motherboard and piecing together a HTPC from a mac mini that could run both Mac and Win MC, use a one of these new blu-ray/Hd-dvd combo drives that are coming out now and put a huge full size 3.5 hard drive in the unit. http://omaura.com/tf5.html What do you guys think???
New update: Third television is being sent out by Fed-Ex. We will see how it is when it arrives! If it is damaged then I will give up and wait for the 9th Gen Elites that D-Nice has been casually mentioning lately.
Quick update: Now the delivery company that my dealer uses has just instituted a new policy in the last 24 hours that will only insure up to $500 of damage on any TV shipped with them. Must have been because of my two televisions and their losses over the past two weeks... :P. So thus my dealer says that he needs to go with a new shipping company, which will delay my order even longer. Roman, which shipping company do you guys use? I should have gone with Invision...
That's a pretty cool story! Keep us posted on how the rest of the process goes!!
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