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At least you get the game, DTV EI's usually doesn't even carry the HD Marlins coverage and only has SD.
Does anyone know am email address where we could send our complaints for this debacle. Once again NBC shows why they are the Turkey network.
It would not play on my Phillips. I left it in the machine while doing something else and it started on its own after about half an hour. But it wouldn't respond to any remote signals. Very weird.
What about a retractable screen like a da-lite. If it is lowered over a window will it block the light from the outside or will light shine thru it?
WPLG - ABC channel 10-1 OAR has gone black for me today.
How about La Crosse; especially the after game celebrations?
Just picked up the BDP9000 for $699 on amazon. FYI
I thought all Fox games were in HD. When did they stop?
My understanding is that D will give you a HR20-700 for free if you had a 10-250. Is this correct and will they let you keep the 10-250?
Why does our local NBC outlet so frequently botch HD broadcasts? Studio 60 pilot, the first 15 minutes in SD. Kidnapped the last 15 min. in SD. WTVJ must be the worst NBC station in the country. Their engineers are clearly asleep at the wheel. These screw-ups have been going on for over 3 years now. So this isn't just a symtom of teething problems. Clearly WTVJ doesn't care about their digital viewers or even their own reputations, which are now nothing but a joke. No...
New Posts  All Forums: