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I am pretty impressed with Anthums new stuff, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good acoustic software to analyze a room, like a wave file and a mic that connects to a pc and gives you a report.
New in box Paradigm SOUNDTRACK Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer with warrantee shipped to lower 48 states. Get big sound for TV shows, movies, and music without the need for a big receiver or other electronics. The Paradigm Soundtrack System is an amplified soundbar and amplified wireless subwoofer combination. Everything's included in the box for a quick and easy setup, even the audio cables and a right-angle RCA adaptor for use when the sub is placed in a horizontal...
I went both ways unless you watch 90% of your content one way, get the biggest screen you can to fit the wall/room some are limited by with some by height. Either way you will have black bars for one of the formats. But after viewing 2:35 I would never go back just fits the field of vision better. I also get more people saying "WOW" when they see the 2:35 vs the 16:9.
you may want to contact SI or Blake may chime in I think they have a solutions but we use a DRY Swiffer works great just to remove the dust and oil etc. A micro fiber cloth will also work.
If you will do $3500 net to me and arrange shipping it is yours.
George we have in the past taken trades but truthfully why don't you just sell it here on the form or ebay given it is a 6020 it should still be under warrantee and you will probably get more $$$ for it.
Sorry a bit low if you can do $3500 + shipping about $250 I think it is yours.
I think the B&W is one of the top but it is 2k, the Yamahas are also great. the new Paradigm for the price about $800 is super clear and nice can't beat it for the price. Don't kill me but I also like the Bose although not the most accurate or loud it is great for filling the room with sound Bose is really good at the small speaker thing and that is what a sound bar is. I can't say there is one perfect one they are soudbars and have there limitations you need to go...
That doesn't really say much, the performance series is a great screen but refers to the frame I don't know what fabric you have pacman that your having issues with but any fabric with gain will have sparkles SI seems to be better than the most you can get a performance series with plain white and elimate all the sparkles you may want to address this with your dealer and see if he can just swap out the fabric that is pretty easy.
I agree we almost never install any .8 anymore. The black levels on the projectors are so good infact on the new Epson 6030/5030 and a BD1.4 I can't tell where the black ends from the picture and the screen is anymore on a 2:35 displaying 16:9 the blacks are so good. Besides it's nice to have the extra light for dark movies, games or 3d. Also it is nice and the I would say to correct thing to have some ambient light on in the room it helps you brain and eyes the whole...
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