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Very nice tvjon. To heck with energy. Lite it up man!
A bump for this post. I think it has helped alot of folks, including myself.
I'm sure it's out of warranty but have you tried calling JVC tech support? I haven't heard of anything like this before.
Isn't the JVC lamp a lot less watts that the OSRAM? That would explain the extra hot condition but it's disturbing that your pj is shutting down. I don't see the exhaust being the reason but.....? I made a deflector to get the heat going off to the side instead of right on to the lens.
That's good to hear. I have my OSRAM bulb all ready to install but after seeing Adam's bulb, was hesitant on putting it in. Adam, maybe you just got a bad one or running in high mode was the culprit?
I have interest. I have a 151 now. Had it calibrated by UMR and love it. Was looking to get something for my patio 'cause I'll be building my pool soon. Don't know if I'd spring for the 141, depends on the price. Let me know. Thx Chris
So did you sell your Pioneer?
I want to thank everyone here that has contributed so much to this thread. Hard to believe it's been almost 6 years since I started it. I absolutely love my RS2. I don't see myself going 3D anytime soon so unless this thing blows up, it's staying in my theater for good. A lot of excellent posts. Thanks to everyone for the posts about the replacement lamps, especially Toddious for the 'how to' and pics. I just ordered myself the Osram bulb so those pics will help a lot....
Sorry for the late response Ozzie but I don't get around to this thread much anymore.If your Harmony is mapped to do the same functions as the projectors remote, do like I did. Do a macro that starts from the very first screen on the pj's menu, then do a sequence of right, right, enter, down, down, enter, etc., etc. until you have turned on V-Stretch. From memory I can't recall the exact sequence but it's just a matter of going into the menu and doing it. The one thing you...
And you gotta love the fact that the pj will internally scale to allow use of an anamorphic lens. I built a macro in my Control4 system that enables the V-Stretch on or off and slides the lens in or out. So cool
New Posts  All Forums: