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Because it is an old thread pre-BSS days.
Last night at the CEDIA Australia Electronic Lifestyle Awards, Peter's room won Best Home Theater. Congratulation to Peter and Len Wallis!
HDMI is the *only* interconnect for the current consumer projection devices because it is the only interconnect installed on the current consumer devices. (Show me the Display Port input on the Sony, for example.) The current batch of products with HDMI will not support 4K 3D, nor the higher frame rate material that is available ... why is it not widely available? No transport! For the record, it is not Dual Link DVI...it is two Dual Link DVI and Display Port will support...
This has a bunch a problems not the least of which is any suggestion a proper playback environment would be, or should be anything near anechoic. It is true our human processing of sounds in an artificial playback environment will attempt to process what we hear into what our experience says we ought to have heard. This is called "fatiguing". It is also true, we use the delay between direct and reflected sound to determine the size/type of environment we are in. This leads...
Not necessarily.Inappropriate discussion for this forum further, no one could give you any number even reasonably accurate until they know (a) site conditions and (b) have designed the space.
That may be the case; but, we do build multiple profiles..."accurate" is the default. The others are nothing more than "frosting on the cake" to amuse an individual preference.
All of the rooms we build are built to the 21 NR specification. One of them achieved better than 18...how much we dunno...that was the limit of the microphone.
Scott has thrown a piece of fat on the fire and is watching it sizzle and spit. Let's look a little deeper into this. Speakers must be accurate...not at 1 watt 1 meter; but, at the listening position intended. If your seating distance is 20' and your speaker has a 1" dome tweeter, it won't be accurate at the listening position due to the significant loss in the high frequencies. If your speaker was designed to provide 20Hz at 105dB at 25' and your listening position is...
Dylan -- HDMI 1.4 will not support 4K 60 fps (clearly no 3D at 24 fps). The JVC uses FOUR Dual Link DVI (our install uses 2 Dual Link DVI for 4K). The current crop of 4K projectors (consumer ala Sony) do not support DisplayPort. The thought that transports are available for that bandwidth is not relevant when such inputs are not available on the sinks. The point remains...any 4K projection/display device purchased now will *not* support the future standard adopted for 4k...
So, when I make it to Sydney this year, I can watch movies?
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