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I have used soundbars with my projectors and they have worked great,,, just get a bar that has HDMI inputs and you will be fine,,,, I always used the Sony CT soundbars. Cheers Davyo
I have the new Sharp 80 incher and I know for a fact the optical on my Sharp only outputs 2.1 (damm Sharp for doing that) as far as I know all Sharp panels only send 2.1 thru the optical,,, but not to fear,, the Vizio VHT510 can take that 2.1 feed and convert it to a very nice surround sound.A good way to test the Vizio is to hook to your Sharp panel and then hook it directly to your BluRay player and see if there is a difference or how much of a difference.CheersDavyo
Yep,,,, same exact thing for me.On a side note,,,,, from 70" to 80",,,,, BEST upgrade money I have ever spent in my life,,,, the cost was well worth it.CheersDavyo
Good luck on getting a CT350,,,, I will never understand why Sony discontinued them,,, they are such great soundbars,,,, but the CT150 is no slouch either,, just not "as" good at the 350.CheersDavyo
Who cares if the movie sucks or not,,,,, Fonda was a total babe back in the day which makes this movie well worth watching,,,,, I might or might not turn the volume on. Cheers Davyo
I have still not picked up the HK30 to compare against my Bose 1SR,,,,, but the more I read about the HK30 and some of the negitive feedback Im wondering if it will beat my Bose bar.The first of August Im movng into a new condo that is way more soundbar friendly than my current condo Im renting,, the soon to be moved into condo has full walls on both sides with no openings, making it perfect for a soundbar,,,, I suspect my Bose will sound even better than it does now,,,...
Figured I would give my ad a little bump since this new classified section is so new
Selling my Bose 1 SR soundbar for ONLY $1,200.00, its in new perfect condition and still under Bose warranty. Was purchased new by me from the Bose store on 1/29/2012. Total price I paid with tax was $1,621.00, selling it for ONLY $1,200.00 !!!!! Local Las Vegas pick-up or buyer pays only actual shipping charges Have all paperwork from Bose and manuals and everything that came in the box,,,, message me for more details. Cheers Davyo
Really miss the Retro skin with the purple and black,,,,, any chance thats going to be brought back ??????,,,,,,,, PLEASE !!!!! Cheers Davyo
Wow,, thanks for posting this,,, I had not even heard about this on coming out. And yea,, myself and I know Frosty are big fans of the Unisen bar on the Mits TV so this should be very interesting to check out. Thanks again for the posting !!!!Hey Frosty,,,, yea, this could be a very cool bar,,,, and yea,, if ya get a chance to hear it make sure to post those impressions ,,,,, I think I will make a trip over to my local Mag as well and see if they have one or are getting...
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