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Any further details on these projectors?
Yes I understand that these are modifications of Barco and NEC, but who is doing the modification? The new player? Is there a company? I would guess maybe Display Development and Jim Burns?
More details on who this "New Player" is?
How did the Barco and Christie 6 module laser 4K projectors look? Now that's a game changer
Art: I think mike is referring to a Sony 4K VW600 consumer high contrast projector vs a Barco 4K DLP DCI lower contrast high lumen output projector.
Stranger89 is referencing the new 6 laser module 4K DLP projectors from Christie and Barco, you are referencing a single laser module projector.
Mike anymore details on this new projector?
Oppo allows 7.1 LPCM to pass through, I have done this. The question is are the SSP/Pre-Pros sending Multi channel on HDMI Output LPCM.
Has this been possible? HDMI out from SSP Pre/Pro LPCM post processes PL2x etc...
Is it possible to design a HTPC black box with HDMI in and HDMI out that can can just function to decode the HD codecs such as DTS/DD including the expansion codecs like DPL2X?
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