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Well, that is strange.One (and only one) of my DirecTV receivers decided that it wasn't, and I had to force that one to display with sidebars, while all the rest are displaying correctly with no changes to their config.
WJLA is now stretching all the programming on MeTV (7.2) . I can never understand why stations do this, as every 16:9 TV has the ability to do the stretching if the user wants to, but no TV has an "unstretch" function. I was watching quite a bit of programming on that channel, but not anymore.
I've only had the need to record 5 shows twice in the year or so I've had the HR34, and it worked fine.One "gotcha", though, is if you have the AM21 connected for OTA, you can only record two OTA channels at the same time. More than that will invoke the same dialog as if you are recording more than 5 satellite channels. And, despite having two OTA tuners and 5 satellite, you still can only record a total of 5 shows at the same time.
At least a few people here have talked about the fact that the "Moving Bar" for removing IR only runs 15 minutes and then the TV returns to whatever it was doing last. I created a moving bar video that you can put on an SD card or USB drive and play back on the TV. Even though the video is only 5 minutes long, you can set the TV to repeat playback (which is the default) and it will play until you stop it. The file is only 1.86MB, so it should be a fast download for...
The 15th Anniverary Blu-Ray has hardcoded subtitles. Not every piece of alien speech has a corresponding hardcoded subtitle, though.It's really cheap (less than $9), and is worth it as an upgrade to the older "Extended Cut" Blu-Ray (which is what I assume you have). The video and audio quality are much better, and there are all the extras ever issued on any previous release.
FiOS is generally better, but for OTA channels, some of the variation has to do with how DirecTV and FiOS get the feed.My local ION station is horrible OTA, as it is 720p at about 6Mbps, but the exact same channel delivered via DirecTV is much better. DirecTV obviously gets the feed before the OTA encoder reduces the bitrate.
if you do want it someday, there are a lot of used AM21 boxes available, and with no moving parts it's pretty hard to get a bad one. I've had no issues with my two, and paid less for both combined than a single new AM21..I added OTA because of the many good sub-channels I can get that DirecTV doesn't carry, but they do provide guide data. Because of the guide data, the integration is very smooth.
What I'm saying is that I don't have any personal experience with those exact hardware players.But, I do know that there have been cases of different players (both hardware and software) producing visibly different results, and many other cases where freeze-frames show significant differences even when it's not as obvious during normal playback.Thus, my point was that your statement of "that's because all Blu-ray players are just data transports for Blu-ray content" is...
Again, I don't know anything about those specific players, but I've seen enough reviews of Blu-Ray releases where one reviewer complains about the "soft" picture and another praises the excellent grain detail, and since I know I can reproduce exactly that same kind of difference just by tweaking the de-blocking on software decoders, I'm pretty sure that it's part of the reason for the review differences.Unfortunately, since it's fairly hard to screen capture from the HDMI...
Although I don't know anything about those specific players, your statement is pretty far off.Every decoder of H.264 has a wide variety of decisions to make, since the decoding spec isn't complete. There are many ways to implement the in-loop deblocking, and deblocking after the full decode can also range from none to very aggressive. You can control this deblocking on software decoders, and what it can do to change picture quality is simply astonishing. Most hardware...
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