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I respectfully disagree. You are right that we don't need 10,000 lumens for most home installations and certainly DLP has enough ANSI contrast right now for excellent performance in mid to high APL situations but sequential contrast is very very poor in these commercial units ,even the modded ones . Right now we have just about everything but high light output (over 5000 calibrated lumens) with moderate to high sequential contrast in the same device. I'm not referring to a...
Elephant in the room with the commercial projectors, contrast is distractingly low. Great color, great light output, nice panels but can you tolerate sequential contrast that we thought was long gone more than a decade ago for the other performance advantages. Art
Even modded ,what can these do in sequential contrast ?Art
Yea I always wanted to watch Twelve Angry Men or The Treasure of the Sierra Madre on a system like that.Oculus Rift will make all of that obsolete with no edge or frame complete immersion.
Got it ,thanks ! Art
I don't understand this post then.Art
Best to let the folks who care by PM at least ! PS: Just saw an Armenian guy on Friday Night Fights named Martirosyian win in a nice middle weight fight tonight. Not exact but must be related. Art
How much sequential contrast are you getting ? What sources are you using for the DCI color ?Thanks for your time,Art
I look at it simply. If it is something that negligence wouldn't hurt much(either them or things) they are welcome to use it on their own. My theater is too complex and expensive so I let my teenagers go in with a friend or two or their girl but not a ton of kids. One time one shook up a coke and sprayed it all over the room. Never could get it out who it was. I repainted the ceiling four times to get it look like it did. If it had been the Stewart screen !Art
My point is with a sequential contrast of only 1600:1 can an iris make a big difference in projectors using laser illumination ? Art
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