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I would to know who sells MITSUBISHI TV's in Ottawa / Montreal area or in Canada. I would prefer to have a look at an actual unit before byuing. I am currently interested in the WS-55909. Thanks..
You must enter the whole link below or check out their website at http://www.inlineinc.com or the actual product specs at http://www.inlineinc.com/products/si...pdf/IN1408.pdf http://db.widescreenreview.com/prodn...-sortorder=des %20cend&-sortfield=Day&-sortorder=descend&Subject=HDTV&-recid=39244&-find=
Which HDTV Receiver to buy that supports 480p, 720p, 1080i. I have looked at the Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Panasonic. I am looking for a 36" but will consider a larger unit.
Quote: Originally posted by zootie: While the Hauppage card only suports 480i (and downgrades amything higher), the Pinnacle PC HDTV does support up to 1080i(making it a good computer HDTV tuner). If I tried this setup, I'd probably would go for the PC HDTV. I was asking about either because the Hauppage has been in the market longer, and maybe someone had tried using it... How does the 6000 send the "upconverted" signal to the HDTV? The PCI tuner cards expect...
Hi, I am looking for a replacement screen for a RCA PFR-100 Front projection TV. TV works great but the screen is scratched. Anybody have any idea on the specs of this screen (Reflection of screen.). It's a 47" front projection and the screen is a reflective board with a silver coating.
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