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You win. Yall can lock the thread now.
Yes but not my wife's friend. She hates it.
So this tells me that I was given the wrong remote when I bought this open box tv. I thought it strange the main remote didn't have an apps button. Makes sense now.
Is there a way to access the apps screen using the main remote?
Yes on both remotes but no manual and no glasses. Got at bb.
Just picked up last OB 65zt60 in Jackson MS for $2299. 1100 hours and no burn in.
I'll take the 3312 of your hands. Paypal? Wes Wesk@dktire.com 601_954_5990
What color is it?
Just hang in there. It took a while for mine to arrive too but its worth it. Mark will come through for you. And no I'm not a shill but I do love his products. I think he's just a little overwhelmed with business and I also think he takes the time to go over his products thoroughly before shipping anything. Just my guess on why some orders take a while.
New Posts  All Forums: