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does this patch require using wirns and the shell commands to keep the registry bits flipped properly?
Adam, "anything they do with the service is pursuant to the therms of your servie activation agreement" unless of course they are in violation of it... which you seem to think can't happen. Cool! Contracts where they can do what they want, and collect money with no obligations. This reversal should tell you (finally) that you were wrong about this.
If you're on wirns 3, and paying for schedules direct, you have no concern for what DNNA may do going forward, and can watch and record shows just as you've been dong previously.
I use static ip settings on my 3 replays and have DHCP turned on in my router. What bug am I suppose to see? What does it do to the replays?
Uh, BS dectector is going off. The mothership has to go digital because the FCC requires it? I'm not buying this.
I had the same thought. By the way, I was calling to determine what the new official response was to the question "when will dnna end service next". I imagine it would be something like "we will be honoring our contracts and commitments".
I called the Replaytv customer support number today. A prerecorded message plays twice essentially reading the message sent to everyone's replay (still connected to the mothership). Seems like the customer support center was shutdown.
That's exactly right...corps certainly try to enhance shareholder value -- NET. But those decisions that they make, might be pluses or minuses. The hope is that the minuses enhance the pluses. That's why grocery stores have loss-leaders. Or why two local big chain stores give away for free some antibotics and prenatal vitamins. Quote: Originally Posted by adam1991 I know exactly what I'm talking about. The chances corporations take are all aimed...
This is wrong. Corporations take chances. Some things they do might fail and simply just cost the company money that they right off. (examples: oil companies drilling a dry hole, drug companies developing dugs that don't work or can't get FDA approval.) You really have no idea what you're talking about. Quote: Originally Posted by adam1991 Corporations may not act in a way so as to reduce shareholder value or return.
I believe the cost of keeping the guide service going for DNNA is small, and the potential legal fight to defend (and quite possibliy lose) against breach of contract claims would have been more expensive. Heck, the cost of employees to address this SNAFU instead of doing real work, is probably costing them more money than simply leaving the servers plugged in. Quote: Originally Posted by adam1991 May I present Occam's...
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