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LaHo is (I think) "Last Hope" pay service being discussed to replace the mothership.
Spoke with my father-in-law this weekend. He has one "lifetime" 5040. He'd be ok with paying $7/month to keep it working. He doesn't want to run a wirns box -- nor does he have the technical comfort lvl to do it.
i've already opened a BBB complaint with DNNA. If the say "our contract is over with directv. His gripe is with Directv" I'll open a complaint with directv. If they don't give me a refund, I'll be seeing them in small claims court.
Ok, so you guys are saying if I start a lawn care service company and sell "lifetime lawncare" for the life of your lawn for a one time fee of $1000. As part of the service at the time of selling the service I have fliers and brochures and other marketing paper work stating the service includes weekly lawnmowing, fertilizer applications, and aerating as needed. But in the end I'm not obligated to do anything if in the "terms of service" agreement I include the right for...
From the above agreement section B. "Subject to the terms of this Agreement, if you pay the one-time, up front subscription fee, you will not incur any additional charges to receive the basic ReplayTV Service while you are authorized to use your ReplayTV product. " If I'm paying for schedules direct, I'm "incurring" "additional charges".
What he said! Thanks! Henry and everyone else who are working to make it possible for us to continue to use our replays, THANK YOU!
No need to apologize. My router does loopback, and I've done a little tinkering to see if I could ultimately get rid of the nag screens but I'm clearly not as well versed in this stuff as you or many of the others working to get this all working. I'm just trying to be some help if I can. Since my router does do loopback perhaps you could have me try it. I have wirns running already and perl installed on that computer. All you need to is give me the idiot-proof steps...
I pretty much thought that was the case that this is a "proof of concept, tinkering, let me see if I can get this to work" sort of thing. I thought my suggestion would fit in quite well.
how about using your router as the target ip address (using your external IP -- not your NAT) and then use port forwarding to bounce it back to your wirns machine to the port of your choice?
Take directv to small claims court.
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