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Now now...let's not get mean. it may be the price they think it would cost them to bring this service to those who want it.
Let's see for me, it's been about 9 years with 3 units that's $900 in 2002 dollars, given inflation (CPI) I've spent $1,130 in 2011 dollars. Or the opportunity costs, I could have placed that $900 in the s&p 500 in 2002 and it would now be worth over $1400. Or had I bought apple stock, that $900 would now be worth nearly $27,000 or netflix stock would now be worth nearly $38,000. Paying monthly would not have prevented you from using that $900 ($600 in your case) in a...
nope, it won't work with directv or Dish
I understand what you're saying and I agree with you for the most part. I'm just saying HD is pretty much the only feature lacking in replaytv, while the "modern" dvr's are all lacking some of the great features found in the obsolete replaytv. To some extent, I'd think it might be easier to simply add HD to replay code.
Which means having in place a solution before 7/31 to avoid missing recordings on 8/1 (even though there should be like 2 weeks of guide data still present)
I know of no dvr out there (comcast, directv, dishnetwork, uverse, etc) that has the obsolete transport fuctions found in my replays. Being able to type in a number and jump to move to an absolute position in the show or being able to type in a number and pressing the skip or replay button to move ahead or back that number of minutes from my current relative position are features that aren't available in any other dvr I'm currently aware of.
yes....I had uverse last year for about 6 months. The worst thing about it is the tendency for the boxes to "go to sleep" if there doesn't appear to be any activity for 3 or 4 hours. I was constantly recording junk (which caused channel changes) to make it look like to the box that someone was actually watching tv. You can install the ir codes to control the boxes with wirns.
Robert, let me add a positive spin to what I've written. I think, if it works, you guys are providing a public service to those of us with elderly relatives who don't have the ability to run a wirns box locally, and still want to use their replaytv and who were already paying monthly. Also, for those of us who want to take directv to small claims court, this venture of yours is evidence that replaytv is not obsolete and has not run the full course of its useful life. I...
Not to sound like a jerk, but paying for a service I've already paid for really ticks me off. I bought the lifetime membership so I wouldn't have on-going fees. This is clearly a "win" for those who were paying monthly as they'll be paying less per month. I bought a lifetime sub'd box for my father-in-law...he's not going to run a wirns box, and it's unlikely he'll want to shell out $7/month for his replaytv to work. This just pretty much clinches my decision to take...
So are you guys going to be able to create the plug-ins for wirns to keep this stuff all working prior to 7/31? How many days do you think before we can have wirns take over from the dnna servers and become our own personal motherships?
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