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I don't require captions, but I usually like to have them on. I've watched a significant amount of Amazon on my Rokus (usually Prime stuff that I can't get on Netflix, or which has 5.1 sound instead of stereo and/or HD video instead of SD on Amazon as compared to Netflix). I only rent from Amazon if I can't find what I want to watch anywhere else, preferring to rent from VUDU or Blockbuster. I watched whole seasons of Justified, Vikings and Fringe plus assorted movies...
Substantially different, looking at the pictures from the 65" 2013 M-Series on Amazon. The side panel on the 2014 has one HDMI, one component, red/white stereo sound and a USB connection; the rear panel has Ethernet, TV coax, red/white stereo, optical S/PDIF and 3 HDMI connections. The 2013 has all the same connections, except that it has 3 HDMI connectors and the optical S/PDIF on the side, one HDMI at the rear.
Hmmm. You may be right--they're just presenting it differently. They must have previously shown the deal price if you were logged into a Gold account; now they show the regular price and that "Gold Exclusive Price". If you didn't see the weekly sales list, you wouldn't otherwise know that your investment in a Gold membership was getting you this great price. Now they're calling it "Deals with Gold".
They don't usually mark them "Out of Stock", which deceptively implies that they were once "In Stock". Notice that the listed "Date First Available" is appropriately April 1st .
No--until just recently every DD sale price was available to everyone. Now, some are only available to Gold members. For instance, as I write this, Injustice: Gods Among Us is on a 50% sale for Gold members only. The price on the "Buy Game" button at the top of the page is the normal one; if you go down to the game underneath the screenshots and overview pane, there is a "Gold Exclusive Price" displayed in gold letters above the normal price. In contrast, the...
I notice that MS has recently started to have some sale prices which are only available to Gold members; I guess that's analogous to PSN+ discounts.
I have a few devices whose Netflix players will show you what the current bit rate is while streaming any arbitrary title (with a display like the small text in the corner of this). Those are TiVo Roamio, TiVo Premiere, WD TV Live, Sony BDP-S390 and PS3. The TiVos toggle that display with the INFO button, the TV Live and Sony BDP toggle it with the DISPLAY remote button and the PS3 toggles it with the SELECT button on the pad and the SELECT or DISPLAY buttons on the...
Meh--I don't envy PSN subscribing PS4 owners RESOGUN, though MS could give Gold members Powerstar Golf or something. The thing that I envy PS4 owners is the fact that Amazon has PS4 and PS3 DD codes to sell, which they sometimes discount independently of the PSN price (though unfortunately Amazon's price for the disc is often the better deal). MS needs to do this with XB1 and 360 DD codes.
Hopefully they are working on it, but the same old "Data Usage" options show up for me.
It could take a few months for all of these direct connections from Netflix's CDN into Comcast's myriad systems to be established; it took a few months for Open Connect to get set up in Cox's smaller set of systems. It's possible that your area isn't set up yet.
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