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And quite possibly blinding oneself before viewing that rental too
Toshiba may be many things, but one thing they have never been is a source of true, honest information on HD-DVD. Indeed, the sources of information we were urged to ignore pretty much turned out to be factual and honest, while everything that came from Toshiba turned out to be a lie.
Yes I know. But my point is if there were real copies of the disc out there - not ebay fakes - then there would be lots of them and they wouldn't be worth more than any other HD disc.
The problem is, if you'd been able to get the disc it wouldn't sell for $400 - or even $40 - on ebay.
So you'll pay less money and get better service. Not a problem from my point of view. Try Amazon.com - much lower prices than Amazon.ca, and they still ship from Canada, but not PST/GST.
Canada isn't real either.
With only three dubious copies having shown up on ebay, I'm doubting whether any have really been pressed. Considering one sold for $400 and another for $99, I'd think if there were any out there they'd be some up for sale. After all, it's not as if it isn't available on DVD and won't be available on Blu-ray. Its shelf life is extremely limited. In a month or two it would like any other HD disc, selling for $10. P.S. I just saw a listing on ebay described as "Bee Movie...
Indications are that studios do not make money on high-def releases in either format, but have had some costs subsidized by the associations. Without those subsidies I can only conclude that it's financially advantageous (tax reasons?) for Paramount to scrap the release. They're obviously sacrificing goodwill be scrapping it. They wouldn't sacrifice both goodwill AND profit.
What would be the point? There are no displays that could handle 1080p with an aspect ratio > 16:9. You'd just have to shrink it back down to 800, or cut off the sides so it would no longer be 1920 wide
Well you certainly wouldn't be laughing if you tried watching it.
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