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The 8350 is a BIG projector about 18" wide x 16" deep. A standard shelf may be too narrow to hold it. Also, the mounting holes for a ceiling mount are spaced too far apart for most universal mounts. To get an idea check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1dKKNplads I used an aluminum plate to adapt my universal mount the 8350.
There's no perfect solution, everything is a trade-off. I think your eye is not very sensitive to grey scale imperfection at very low intensities. So, I prefer to calibrate the offsets at 20% to insure good greys at 30% and greater. Sure, the greys below 20% will likely be crap, but your eyes may not even notice. Overall, your calibration looks great. I would be jumping for joy if I could get my protector to match your results.
Your grey scale and gamma are dead on. Great job!From the "GREYSCALE & COLOUR CALIBRATION FOR DUMMIES"...Offset: The control used to adjust the amount of individual Red, Green, or Blue colour in the darker end of the black to white scale. Think of it as an individual brightness control for each colour. We adjust this while displaying a dark pattern, typically 20 or 30%.Gain: The control used to adjust the amount of individual Red, Green, or Blue colour in the lighter end...
You won't likely notice any loss of picture quality with a misalignment of just 1 pixel. Use the built-in test pattern to insure your focus is spot-on. I've noticed that focus can exaggerate alignment issues. I sometimes notice a short delay when using the iris, but 2 or 3 seconds seems extreme. My projector is in a projection booth with a glass window, so I can't comment on how loud the iris should be, but I haven't seen any post complaining about iris noise.I don't...
How close do you place your i-1 to the screen? The "Dummies" calibration guide recommends about 4", but I've been using 24" as recommended in other threads. Also, I have some slight moire patterns on my perforated screen which show up as colored bands that could throw off the sensor readings. I eliminate the moire patterns during calibration by defocussing the image.Steve
The 8500ub was discontinued. The new model is the 8700ub. I think the biggest difference between the 8700ub and 8350 are the improved blacks. If you are very concerned about getting the darkest blacks, then go with the 8700, otherwise I think you will very happy with the 8350.
The Eye-one 2 sensor is identical to the Eye-one LT. The Eye-one 2 includes additional software which you will not need since you will be using HFCR. So, either sensor will work, just buy the least expensive one.Eye-one LT for $129
SonyC,How is your calibration going? During my calibrations, I left the main-menu saturation at 0 and instead used the brightness settings in the RBGCMY menu which allows individual control over each color. The problem with main-menu saturation control, is it makes the same adjustment to red, green, and blue.I'm also starting in Cinema mode. My biggest problem is getting xyY set correctly for green. I've moved the hue, saturation, and brightness controls to their...
Quote: Originally Posted by chruzek Would like to purchase a HCFR probe. I have had an eye one on backorder for a month and am getting impatient. I got my Eye One LT last week from Amazon: Eye One LT at Amazon
Nywst, My 8350 has no problems. Great picture, CMS, and lens shifting all for under $1500. Highly recommend you get one.
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