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This guy sells them for $10. He is in Canada so it takes about a week for delivery on CD. Don't know why he doesn't email them. http://www.thecdguyz.com/ If you don't see the Z5 manual listed, email him. He does have it. Steve
I had the same problem when I upgraded my harddisk. Luckily, re-installing the softmod only takes a minute, so it's no big deal.
I just finished upgrading my HD on a softmod Xbox. This tutorial is the best tutorial I found: http://www.techfreaks.org/articles/modxbox2.shtml You will need a desktop PC (i.e. a laptop won't work) for installing the initial C and E folders on the new disk.
I never got the script to work. I checked the XBMC forums but no one else has mentioned this problem.
You could create two GUI bookmarks, one that points to your downloaded movies and one that points to your movie collection. Clicking on a bookmark button would show the list of the movies, either downloaded or collection, depending on which button you click.See my GUI bookmark post here
BLKMGK, I'm familiar how plug-n-play works on a PC, but why is it needed on the Xbox? With the exception of ethernet, the Xbox has no ports for attaching external devices.
I figured out how to use the new GUI button maker (a.k.a GUI bookmarks). This feature lets you create custom buttons on the left side of the the My Music, My Videos, My Pictures, and My Programs screen. Each button is assigned to a bookmark so you can easily jump to a folder containing frequently used files. For example, I created a "My Playlists" button in the My Music screen that points to my custom playlist folder. Or, you might want to create a "Wedding Photos"...
I created a GUI bookmark for my music playlists called "My Playlists" but I can't figure out how to assign a path to it. This seems like a nice feature if I could get it to work.
Is anyone using the wake on LAN python script? I just installed it and get "Master Server Connection Problems" error when I run the wol.py script. The script would save me running upstairs to power on the PC. I'm using the 7/3 build of XBMC.
Try playing one of the 5 DVDs again. Next, ftp to your Xbox and view the XBMC log file (e:\\apps\\xbmc\\xbmc.log) to look for any error messages. Here are some tips to debugging media problems: What to do when media playback fails
New Posts  All Forums: