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joshesi, That tale of installation woe is the most disturbing I've heard in a long time, and I think it irritates me as much as it does you. Why? Because those guys work for me, and I'm going to find out how and why this happened. We'll make this right. But I need to get some more info from you to resolve this. Check your PM's. My apologies for the troubles. Greg
yep. Still reading...just not as often as before. Working myself silly.
Speaking of OnDemand channels, did anybody check out 1123? It not much yet, but it will build. Greg
Mark1_M, The "fees" you are seeing are the result of regulations dictating how we bill customers for service. The reality is that rather than selling at the "published rate card" fees, we sell cable by promotional packages. Assuming you're a Digital Cable customer (to get HD and DVR service), you're paying $53.99 for the Digital Entertainment package, which INCLUDES Basic, Standard, Digital Tier, the non-premium HD channels, the box, remote, and navigator (guide). ...
Thanks Barry. I'll get on this. Heck, my old office was about four blocks from there. Flashman...check your PM.
RichUF, Your memory must be worse than mine, but you've been on the list nearly since we started. I've deleted the PM ages ago, but you were one of the anchors. All, Now for the bad news, as I drop the proverbial other shoe...and no, it has nothing to do with the DVR. As much fun as I've had in my current position here at Bright House Networks, it's time for me to move on to new challenges. Starting Tuesday morning, I'll be the Assistant General Manager...
The short answer is yes, we did anticipate the demand. We've committed ourselves to a substantial supply, and we'll gate the marketing effort to ensure we don't exceed it. But we're well covered for the people on the waiting list.
Again, the CSP's have nothing to do with the outbound calls. They won't know what you're talking about. If you think you got skipped, wait til the end of the day and PM me. They may be calling your house while you're at work, or the other way around. But they'll call back.
All, Nice to have a popular product. I'm reminded of the old Chinese curse about "May you live in interesting times". :-) I understand your concern, and I'm looking into how the over-the-counter incidents happened. They weren't supposed to be released, and I've taken steps to prevent any further incidents. That said, there were three ways to get on the list: 1) Calling a CSR 2) The Website 3) My list When you called a CSR, they made an entry on your...
All, Sorry I've been occupied with other projects and haven't had time to post on the forums. Some specifics: -- HD-DVR: Try as we might, December just wasn't in the cards due to numerous factors. January is the date, and if you PM'd me within the past year to get on the list, you're good to go. You'll get a call from us when they're available. Price is $9.95 above the price of the digital package you have. If you have just Digital Entertainment Pack for...
New Posts  All Forums: