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All, If you're still in possession of one of our SA3100's, I'm pretty sure our operations will let you bring it in to a front counter and swap it for a Pace 550HD. I think we made that standard policy about 3-4 months ago. If you don't feel capable of swapping it out yourself, we could schedule a service call to do it, but there would be a charge for the trip. That said, it's prudent to call ahead and make sure one will be available at the front counter. If...
I'm in Tampa and can't necessarily confirm, but it sounds like we took a bit longer adding ESPN-HD to the Deland Headend, versus the Winter Park Headend. That would explain why Melbourne took longer. We continue to work the HD-PVR issue. Waiting on software now.
Ok, maybe I can say just a little bit more. The deal is DONE! ESPN HD should launch across various Time Warner and BHN systems anywhere from tonight to sometime in the next 30 days. We're still working out the details, and each system will determine their own plans on how to launch. In our systems, and likely across the companies, the channel will be included in the HDPak with the HDNet's and INHD 1/2. Time to subscribe if you don't already! Wahhoooo! It's...
I know something you don't know. I told them on the "other" thread. Time to come back home to BHN.
I know something you don't know..... ...oh what the hell.... ... Might as well tell.... THE ESPN DEAL IS DONE! We're trying to turn it on as we speak. Details of the official launch are forthcoming, but it will be a part of the HDpak (with HDNet's and INDemand 1/2). For those of you holding out on subscribing, now's the time. Waaahooo! A ray of light in an otherwise lousy three weeks.
Lombana, Motorola's products have to be run from a Motorola-based headend, whereas ours are Scientific Atlanta-based. Their 6412 is uncompatible. Sorry. Regarding the question of what we'll see - Miami or the US Open, perhaps we should include Hurricane Ivan coverage as a third choice? We haven't heard anything from CBS yet. If I get info, I'll try to get it posted. If you lost cable service during the storm, thanks for bearing with us as we work to get it...
The breakdown in negotiations isn't true ... but I can't say any more. Except that we want to see this done as well.
Investor27, Read your PM. We'll get this straightened out.
I'm downtown on Pine Street, and all our digital channels were working normally as of yesterday afternoon about 5:30, and are working this morning. Are they still out?
P.S. WESH DT's Olympic coverage is back up. I'm looking at swimming right now.
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