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Hi all. Things as you might suspect are a bit hectic around here. First off, I trust that everyone here survived with little damage. My house came through without a scratch, and I only lost a couple small trees in the backyard. My neighborhood, however, looks like Beirut. Huge trees down everywhere; power, telephone, and cable lines strewn across the ground, etc. We still don't have power back yet, and I'll be amazed if I have it by this weekend -- too many poles...
Keep in mind that ala carte is next to impossible on a cable system unless you're 100% digital. The only way to select which analog channels reach a given household is by inserting a filter that blocks the unsubscribed channels. It's fairly easy to block all the channels above a certain channel, or below a certain channel. It's a little more complicated to block a contiguous "swath" of channels (band block filter), but it would be a nightmare to block a random...
One of my current fears is that for whatever reason, the coverage of the Republican convention (you know, the other one) won't be available, and we'll have carried just one side. That was almost enough to take a pass on showing either. Greg
All, Sorry we offended anybody with the call. But as most of you will recall, we've always made phone calls to our HD subscribers when short notice HD programming became available. We did so again this time. Programming like this just pops up sometime. HDNet offered us an additional channel with the coverage, so we signed up. The good news is that it can't be consuming more that 2-3 Mbps, because we all know there's no fast-moving (or medium, or slow) action at...
jayfl, He does monitor it. And if you really want one of the 1394 boxes, just PM me and I'll have somebody contact you. But I don't understand which of our boxes you might have that don't do SD over component. Maybe I'm misunderstanding your post.
For those still riveted to the screen awaiting more word on this gripping issue, it's finally fixed. We did a processor upgrade and somebody set something up wrong.
I cede the "possible exception". I've learned more from Barry than anyone possibly could have learned from me. I vote for Barry hanging around and posting some more. Did this really start over him saying HDCP instead of 5C? That's it?
Gee, take it easy on Barry, Jerndl. I count on him to educate me too. Plus Barry usually gets to the answers before me, which saves me the typing effort.
I think I'd have to agree about picking up the learning remote. Because we have so many remotes deployed, it would be an operational nightmare to introduce yet another flavor of remote into the system. While we do have a couple of different model remotes, we've insisted that they use the same code library. As for the discussion about numbers of outlets and structured wiring: We do not charge for programming services (standard cable) provided to any number of...
The Society of Cable Television Engineers meets in a few weeks in Orlando for their annual conference. If you could tell Cable Operators how to improve their HD offerings, what would it be? (Let's just accept "more channels" as a given). What did they get right? If we are really the experts we think we are, now's our chance.
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