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We will have a box available April 1st, as the law requires. If you want, PM me with your account number, pertinent info, a good time to call, and I'll get it to our sales reps. We'll have someone call you to schedule the swap. Keep in mind that this is a new feature that may or may not have some new bugs associated with it. The above offer really applies to any Bright House Customer in Florida. If you want one of these, let me know. Just for my grins, tell...
Samsterdog... Sorry. Must have missed your question. As far as I know, it will drive your TV or D-VHS, but 5C encryption will be required (no choice on our part -- FCC regulation). The lesson I've learned with the DVI issue is that until I see it in my hands, actually working on multiple brands of sets, I'm going to remain skeptical. So no promises until we know.
Just out of curiousity, how many people are planning on requesting one?
For those having DVI issues, a new download will be pushed out sometime in the early morning of 17 March (Wednesday). Pace boxes should automatically reboot, and everything should work. I'd expect the process should take about 4 minutes.
Quote: Originally posted by samsterdog Howdy. Does anyone (Greg) know when BHN will have an FCC mandated Firewire box available? Thanks. On April 1st, just like the FCC mandate says. Just out of curiousity, how many people plan on requesting one? Why? DVI Issues The Pace box software is having known interface issues with the way Samsung implemented HDCP in the HLN series of televisions. (also the Sony 34AZXVR910). Fixes (actually...
They will be available. Just out of curiousity, how many people are going to request one? And why?
Whoa. Stop. The "access card" you have in your S/A 4200 is NOT a "cableCARD". A CableCARD looks a lot like a PCMCIA card for a laptop. If you get a CableCARD ready device ("digital cable ready"), then you'll get the card from you're local cable company, install it, and make a phone call to sync it to the Cable Company's digital headend. Keep in mind that CableCARD is currently "one-way" only, so VOD, SVOD, impulse PPV and the interactive guide will not work. It...
The problem with two ground rods is that no ground rod perfectly disperses electricity to a level of "absolute ground". If you put in more than one ground, it's likely there will be a "potential" (as in voltage, not likelihood) difference between the two rods. This can play havoc with internal signals. When we install cable, the rule is the cable drop comes in from the street to the side of the house where power comes in, and we ground it to the same rod that power...
Impala1SS, SAY IT ISN'T SO! The end of an era! Let me know how it goes. NewToHD: Sorry about the CSR's confusion -- they're trying to stay up to speed on lots of new products, and she obviously misunderstood what she was told (I'm looking at the training materials). What are you going to do about that "handle" once you're a veteran here?
How about if a cable system owned Voom? One does. Voom is operated by Rainbow DBS, a subsidiary of Cablevision Systems, who operates mostly in the Northeast US. Charles Dolan, who runs the place, has a plan of some sort up his sleeve. It will be interesting to see where this goes.
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