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If anyone cares: here is an update. Since after posting on various forums I couldn't get a straight answer on whether TWC flags the formerly "clear QAM" channels as "copy freely", in NYC, so at least I'd be able to offload all my shows from a TiVo for editing, I ended up getting the above linked to HQ Frequency Wirecutter antenna, placing it outside, on the wall between the our apartment and south facing, no Empire State Building line of sight deck, and plugged it into...
Can anyone tell me if HD CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, My9, PIX, PBS and Univision are flagged as "copy freely" by TWC in Manhattan?
Apparently KMTTG is the way to go (I almost fainted when I saw a screenshot of the fugly UI, but I'll live) - but then I'm not clear about what I get -- you are saying that the resulting file is unplayable by something like VLC unless it gets decrypted, even if TWC has it flagged as "copy freely"?
I already checked Roxio's website/forums and their stuff does not work with the Roamio, only older models.Would TWC really have the stones copy protect standard OTA channels (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, WB & Univision?) Do they do so anywhere?
I am considering getting a TiVo Roamio pro to replace my Mac OS X based EyeTV DVR, as TWC just encrypted their clear QAM. Does anyway one have experience with exporting from TiVo to a Mac and then editing the program? I was routinely doing that with my EyeTV setup to save music performance from late night talk shows and SNL.
Thanks for the info. What about using Quicktime for editing? I have the Apple QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component for Mac OS X installed.
So, since TWC killed Clear QAM in NYC, I am considering getting TiVo Roamio to replace EyeTV. The number one reason I currently use EyeTV is to record Fallon, Letterman, SNL, etc. and edit out the music performances I like, saving them permanently. This is pretty much effortless using EyeTV. What is the pain factor going from TiVo Roamio Pro to Mac and then just keeping 4 minutes of the original recording without transcoding?
Will do. I am just talking over with my wife the pros/cons of antenna vs. TiVO options
I did - I got a similar experience antenna a few years back, before signing up for TWC, and all I could get was WCBS-HD
So, useless for my EyeTV Mac based DVR. Essentially it is a cable box requiring yet another remote control to change the channel. No, thanks.My choice seems to be to either try my luck with one of these on our deck: HD Frequency Cable Cutter We are on Manhattan's UWS, facing south, 3rd floor, no ESB line of sight.Or, request a CableCard from TWC and buy a TiVO.Advice welcome!
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