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Michael252 I took my 250 from Fort Worth to Waco this afternoon. Using OTA, after the initial setup when the dashes appear, it took 30 seconds to require the KERA signal after being unplugged for four plus hours. I have a WWV clock next to it and it's on the money. It seems you have a REAL problem. Have you tried to reset the user config via the 9012 code? I am guessing your microprocessor may have hiccuped. I've been through miles of crap trying to set my 250 up...
I did contact the local PBS Engineer, several times, at Baylor University and he's been too busy to even update the clock software. No operating insertion clock. He's a one man store and also does IT for the membership drives. First things, first... Here in Central Texas, I have access to three PBS stations but seems that only KERA in Dallas has the TVGOS working. I know it's a PBS pass-thru, but without the Gemstar equipment, getting a raw TVGOS signal doesn't mean...
That's kinda what I thought. If a preamp would work, OK. I'd hate to drop $70 bucks with unreasonable expectations. I don't think the neighborhood would appreciate more hardware on the roof and I've seen a few sites stating I'd have quite a bit of loss by moving the antenna inside beneath the asphalt shingle roof.
A little snowy but not too bad. I'm not a PBS guy so my only interest in 13 is in the guide. When researching the 4228, numerous references to high end VHF, 11-13, reception was part of the decision to go with this antenna. Oh it works, it's just not solid when receiving the guide. I get "No Listing" sprinkled through out the listings and would like to beef up the signal to get a more reliable guide.
Channel 13 is my only VHF concern. Everything else is UHF. As I said earlier, all the digital signals are good and strong at this distance. Only my host channel is questionable. Seems that I remember reading somewhere in my past that curvature of the earth begins to come into play at 75 miles-ish.
YNOS, Thanks for the input. My cable length is 40 to 50'. My less that solid VBI is causing inconsistent guide. If I knew how to contact Gemstar I'd lobby for getting a local station here in Central Texas to send the guide. Until that happens, it's long distance downloads. I didn't know if the consensus thought a preamp would work in this application or not. Thanks. MD
I've been dealing with this in my own, but some of you have wwaaayyy more experiences in LD reception than I and can give me a "take it to the bank" opinion. In Fort Worth, I get Dallas PBS KERA analog as my host station. I have never had problem one from their transmission to the reception on my 250. It's always been there and been there perfect. I have a little place in Waco 73 miles Southwest of Cedar Hill. I have a CM4228 at 25' and can get analog 8, 11, 13...
I'm in Fort Worth and your data will come from KERA, analog 13, at Cedar Hill. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until the box finds 13. Mine took about four hours. Do a new setup and put in an adjacent zip code. Rockwall, Rowlett or something that will start the search process again. It will find it, but it may take some time. If I may suggest, put it on a UPS to protect the box and settings. Once setup, it works extremely well.
Since these boxes rely on the analog VBI to receive both clock and guide data, what are we going to do in 2009 when the analogs pull the plug? I'm reasonably sure that cable will have analog for years to come, but if the source material is then digital, there will be no VBI to start with. Are we then obsoleted?
I'm researching the PBS time code that supposed to be broadcast with PBS stations in Waco and Killeen. I can go to Dallas or Houston and no problem, but Central Texas, no "apparent" signal. I've talked to Best Buy and Circuit City and they've had products returned because the time will not self set on the tv, vcr, pvr, etc. Does anyone reliably get time updates from KWBU or KNTC? I don't want to approach them with a problem if it's mine, but I've talked with enough people...
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