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My 10 Y.O. daughter loved it. However, she read all 3 books before the movie came out.
Sorry for the late reply. So far I like the 922. I have had no problems at all with anything on it. All my recordings are there (unlike my old 622 which would just shut off and run the fan at top speed for hours). I also use it for slinging to my evo phone. so far everything I tried works as advertised.
I ordered it last night to watch with the family. I was pleasantly surprised. Some scenes were very funny. We all noticed though that the audio didn't sync. The 3D was Ok in some and pretty bad in others. I'm glad Dish has a channel now so I can rent some 3D movies I didn't want to outright buy.
I think Toshiba also announced a 65"
Don't our eyes adjust to brightness by opening or closing the iris. It's like turning on a small light in the middle of the night in complete darkness. It's bright as hell but after a while your eyes adjust. I am assuming your eyes will also adjust to the darker image that's coming through.
Worldcup, I don't understand your logic. Why is it OK for a 3d movie be exclusive to a package deal? The package deal is fine as long as the movie itself can be bought separately. Your point about the PS3 is not correct either. The PS3 had a bluray movie included that was also for sale separately ( you didn't need to buy a PS3 to watch Taladega Nights in HD). As for your content, not every provider will be on board when they launch those 4 channels. If every...
The problem is you only get that one movie. I think that's the gripe everyone has. It would have been better to offer the movie as an incentive but to also sell it to others that want it. Right now nobody is going to buy a 3D set just to watch one movie on it. If and when I buy a 3D set I want to watch at least a few movies with my family in 3D.
Passive would make the cost prohibitive. It's less expensive to make shutter glasses (and pass these costs to consumers that want it) than it is to make the display with polarization.
I have written in this thread about my wife's reaction (positive) to the demos at best buy. My thing is that these TV's are relatively small. 72" is what I would consider the smallest size for 3D. And like others here I am waiting for FP 3D technology to go into the the theater. Chris_TC, the samsung demo I saw used the 2d-3d conversion of Night at the Museum. It was flat but IMO didn't take away from the movie. (I also saw the demo with MVA and the Panasonic...
Ken, someone else asked the question before but I didn't see an answer. What about HDMI? I assume the newer TV's will have 1.4 but their pdf's say 1.3.
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