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+1 I stopped posting some time ago (except now) but I do read the posts and wonder how long grown adults (or teens) can keep up this back and forth bickering.
+1 I don't know how many times I've said that here at AVS lossless would be great, but in mass market it will be a niche until the audio-side of equipment catches up with the "one cable" hookup (HDMI) at low enough prices.
Actually they dont. They go for perceived value when it comes to CE devices. Being a person that used to sell CE devices I can tell you the 80's and 90's way of buying is gone. Internet reviews and lower pricing are now the kings of the CE market. Most consumers will not ask if it does DTS or Dolby or DD+, they will ask if it does surround sound and can they hook up their Ipod to it. What most people consider home theater is a flat screen panel with a 5.1 system,...
I believe I read that when upgrading the FW via internet you should not have anything in the drive. I always leave discs in my A1 and not a problem with it. I preordered it when they first came out.
I agree with many here that lossless would be great for all of us. I pick it if there is a choice only in my HT as that's the only place in my house that supports it. That being said I understand the OP's topic as this war will be won by the masses and I hardly doubt the majority of them will care. I have not once watched a HD movie in my bedroom or family room and thought to myself I am not getting the full resolution audio. Rather I watch these movies and...
don't most here realize that in order to get lossless sound you must have the both the knowhow and the right equipment (which many have one or the other) to get it? Other than the few thousand here in this forum not many "average" consumers are going to upgrade their audio equipment or connect 6 analog cables (if that's possible with their player and/or receiver). We have to wait until the audio equipment side catches up with the player side.
Calling me a liar doesn't change the fact that you cannot debate this without resorting to name calling. Actually, you are now being reported. This thread is about coexistance of formats. In reality you can't get all the games and movies you want with just one format. You are wishing it were true to justify your purchase but it hasn't happened. Please tell me that you can play Gears of War, Shadowrun, Flight Simulator X, Far Cry and any Halo game and watch the Matrix...
They are nice and excellent but most (except for a few) already exist for other consoles or the PC. There is hardly no "exclusive" content to warrant a purchase to most people ( as I said earlier about other's getting HD DVD and/or a 360).
So this is your only example? That's what I thought
How many did they actually press? How many did they ask for to be pressed? Until we know then I think it is silly to assume anything.
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