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And so? Who cares? Josh, why are you still beating this dead horse? What's happened happened. Michigan lost to App State. Notre Dame got their butts whipped. Can we look forward to future news?
Well then, can you give me a real world example where Blu Ray outshines HD DVD overall? If you are one of those that lives by specs that's fine. But please don't BS me that Blu Ray is better just because of the specs. It hasn't happened yet and it is no longer in preproduction. If you are a videophile then I'm sure you frequent the front PJ forum and know that printed specs and real outputs are two different beasts. That's OK if you want to belive them but don't,...
Hughmc, you are debating a "what if". For you you are fine with just the PS3 for all of your gaming, movie watching needs. However, reality is now showing that HD DVD is here for much longer, meaning no Universal (and now most Paramount/Dreamworks) for HD and many 360 "exclusive" games to play. I don't see how you can discount all the "exclusives" when there looks to be no end in sight to them. I am not saying HD DVD is better, but I am saying that so far Blu Ray is not
I can't remember as I gave my players away when I compared all my movies to the DVD version when the Star Wars trilogy came out. I remember I had a Magnavox and a Sony that automatically switched sides. I still have the Star Wars Trilogy with the Book (I find that more interesting than the movies now) it came with.
I don't understand how that relates to someone else that doesn't mind having an HD DVD player or addon. Also, you don't address the lack of games on the PS3. I don't see the PS3 practical as a gaming console yet (and yes I have both a 360 and PS3). IMO, if you want the best of both worlds you get both. I have the PS3, a 360 + addon and the A1 (believe it or not only one problem with the A1 with Happy Feet). I watch every HD movie I want to without hesitation.
Amir and Talk, Any word on managed copy on your respective formats?
Amir, any word on managed copy in Vista? Paid or Talk, same question with our without Vista?
hdmi4ever, even if it's made in America who do you think is making the products? Americans or immigrants? What's the difference? Are you sure that every American employer is fair to it's workers here? Please don't open the can of worms on a AV site.
Sorry, I didn't understand the Uma Thurman part. As far as your question goes, it seems we consumers can not get a straight answer. As for the assumptions, since we are not getting facts (white papers about yields) we have to resort to making logical assumptions, many of which can and will be completely off. I don't believe Josh tried to make it a slanted article for HD DVD, but it sure sounded like it. And the only reason for that is the secrecy of the Blu Ray side. ...
Great!!! Now we just found out that there are some who work for a large company that doesn't like where the "higher ups" are going with their decisions!! And this doesn't happen anywhere else? News Flash: This happens at all large companies (and many small ones). I'm sure I can find someone in the "new technologies" group at Disney that doesn't care for Blu Ray (in fact I know a few).
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